Black Holes: A Very Short Introduction [#453]
Black Holes: A Very Short Introduction [#453]
  • Explores a topic of wide fascination in science and science fiction
  • Outlines what we know and don't know about black holes
  • Looks at how they are created and discovered
  • Separates scientific fact from science fiction

Black holes are a constant source of fascination to many due to their mysterious nature. In this Very Short Introduction, Katherine Blundell addresses a variety of questions, including what a black hole actually is, how they are characterized and discovered, and what would happen if you came too close to one.
She explains how black holes form and grow - by stealing material that belongs to stars, as well as how many there may be in the Universe. She also explores the large black holes found in the centres of galaxies, and how black holes give rise to quasars and other spectacular phenomena in the cosmos. 


1: What is a black hole?
2: Characterising black holes
3: Black holes discovered
4: Falling into a black hole...
5: How are black holes formed?
6: Growing bigger and smaller
7: Black holes don't just suck
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Katherine Blundell is a Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Oxford and a Research Fellow at St John's College, Oxford. Her research interests include extreme energy phenomena in the Universe, including black holes, astrophysical jets, relativistic plasmas, and active galaxies. She has published extensively on these matters with over 150 papers in academic publications and is frequently invited to speak at conferences and different institutes around the world. She has founded the Global Jet Watch project to make round-the-clock observations of how matter behaves in the vicinity of black holes, with observatories established in schools in South Africa, Chile, India and Australia. In 2017 she received an OBE for services to astronomy and the education of young people.

"whereas black holes are notorious for not letting go of their contents, Blundell's book makes it as easy to extract information without ever making the subject simplistic." - Andy Sawyers, Astronomy Now

"Black holes have to be amongst the most fascinating phenomena of astronomy/cosmology and as such make a perfect topic for a new addition to OUP's vast collection of pocket guides, the 'very short introduction' books. I read my copy on a couple of 45 minute train journeys - it's long enough to give a good grounding in the basics of black holes, without being heavy or over-technical." - Brain Clegg, Popular Science


ISBN : 9780199602667

Katherine M. Blundell
120 ページ
111 x 174 mm
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Black Holes: A Very Short Introduction [#453]

Black Holes: A Very Short Introduction [#453]

Black Holes: A Very Short Introduction [#453]