Oxford A-Z of English Usage (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199652457

Jeremy Butterfield
208 Pages
114 x 172 mm
Pub date
Aug 2013
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  • All the essential information about how to use correct, appropriate English in everyday situations
  • Up-to-date guidance on questions of English usage, based on the latest analysis of the Oxford English Corpus
  • Over 600 entries on common language and grammar issues that people are uncertain about in handy A-Z sequence
  • More than 20 special features on troublesome subjects such as hyphenation or Latin plurals
  • Based on Oxford's world-leading dictionary research and contemporary language monitoring​

New to this Edition:

  • Thoroughly revised and updated to reflect current trends in the English language
  • Over 50 entries new to this edition, including eminent / imminentwith regard to, and feature entries on apostrophes and the use of Britain / Great Britain / the British Isles / England

Readers and writers of all levels will find the Oxford A-Z of English Usage essential. Based on Oxford's world-leading dictionary research programmes and contemporary language monitoring, and giving examples of real usage, this book provides the essential information about usage and correct English that is needed in practical, everyday situations. Arranged in A-Z sequence, it contains over 680 entries on issues of spelling, grammar, meaning and PC language that confuse people (e.g. licence / license; learning difficulties / mental handicap; fewer / less). In addition, there are more than 20 special feature articles on specific topics such as hyphenation or the use of Latin plurals, as well as commonly confused terms like Britain, Great Britain, the British Isles, England. With a fresh page design, the Oxford A-Z of English Usage gives the reader immediate and easy access to answers, by means of clear and coherent explanations and illustrations. It will prove the first port of call for any reader seeking clear, authoritative help with usage questions.


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Oxford A-Z of English Usage

About the author: 

Jeremy Butterfield is a freelance lexicographer, language expert and writer, and an OUP author. For many years he worked in senior editorial positions in Collins English and Bilingual Dictionaries. He is also the author of the popular book on the English language, Damp Squid: The English Language Laid Bare.

"If you want a handy-size guide that will guide you through the pitfalls of correct English usage, here it is." - Writing Magazine

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