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Shine On! Plus is a new course offering extra fun and motivating resources to make your class shine. Bring energy to your classes with a variety of extra teaching resources, tips in the Teacher’s Book, and digital course materials on Oxford English Hub.

Play together! Have fun and motivate your class with animated songs, stories, communication games, conversation cards, role plays and craft activities.

Learn together! Build students’ confidence with collaborative speaking activities that encourage them to learn and perform whole stories in English together.

Shine together! Shine On! Plus has something for every learning style and works for mixed-ability classes so all your students can shine together.


  • Project pages provide extra fun and motivating resources and develop students’ critical thinking and communication skills.
  • Communication Games (levels 1-3) and Conversation Cards (levels 4-6) help students build confidence in their speaking skills.
  • “Be a Mega Star“ feature provides mixed-ability support, and Extra Vocabulary sections cater to fast finishers.
  • Oxford English Hub allows teachers and students to access all their digital resources in one place.
  • Project website (levels 4-6) develops students’ learning and digital literacy with fun activities.
  • Animated songs and stories spark students’ imagination and make classes fun.
  • Cross-curricular lessons in every unit connect English to your wider curriculum.

About the course

  • American English
  • 6 levels (Level 1 ~ 6)

For more information and free sample units click here.

Product details

ISBN : 9780194427784

Patrick Jackson; Susan Banman Sileci
Other format
Shine On! Plus
Level 1-3
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Shine On! Plus: Level 1-3 Flashcards

Shine On! Plus: Level 1-3 Flashcards

Shine On! Plus: Level 1-3 Flashcards