A Dictionary of Biomedicine

ISBN : 9780199549351

John M. Lackie
624 Pages
129 x 196 mm
Pub date
Jul 2010
Oxford Quick Reference
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  • 9,600 clear and concise entries on all aspects of biomedicine
  • Wide-ranging coverage: includes terms from the related areas of anatomy, genetics, molecular bioscience, psychology, pathology, pharmacology, and clinical medicine
  • More than 25 navigational entries that list all related terms for a general disorder (e.g. neurological, renal, metabolic) so readers can quickly find relevant entries
  • Addresses the need for a clear and comprehensive guide to this increasingly important area of medicine
  • Recommended web links for many entries, accessed and kept up to date via the Dictionary of Biomedicine companion web site
  • Useful supplementary material includes Greek alphabet, SI units, and single letter codes for Amino Acids

Dictionary of Biomedicine includes 10,000 A-Z entries on all areas of biomedicine. Entries are authoritative and wide-ranging, covering terms from the related areas of anatomy, genetics, molecular bioscience, pathology, pharmacology, and clinical medicine. Biomedicine - the study of molecular bioscience relating to disease - is playing an increasingly important role in medical application, diagnosis, and treatment. As molecular bioscience provides greater insights and techniques than ever before into the practice of modern medicine, there is an increasing need for an affordable dictionary covering the specialist language used within this evolving field. This dictionary, written by an expert in the field, fills this need by offering clear, concise definitions of even the most complex biomedical terms. 

Many entries feature recommended web links which are accessed and kept up to date via the Dictionary of Biomedicine companion webpage, and supplementary material includes the Greek Alphabet, SI Units and single letter codes for Amino Acids. Fully cross-referenced, it also features useful navigational entries for types of diseases and disorders - for example renal disorders - that list all related entries in the dictionary so the reader can find them quickly. 

Aimed primarily at molecular bioscientists, clinicians, and students of biomedical courses, the dictionary will also be an invaluable resource for patients and journalists wishing to find out more about a particular disease.


A note on conventions
Listing of navigational entries
A Dictionary of Biomedicine
Appendix 1: The Greek Alphabet
Appendix 2: SI Units
Appendix 3: Single-letter codes for amino acids

About the author: 

Dr John Lackie was formerly Senior Lecturer in Cell Biology at the University of Glasgow, then Director & Director of Research at the Yamanouchi Research Institute, Oxford (which sought new targets for drugs) and then Principal & CEO of the Westlakes Research Institute in Cumbria before setting up an independent consultancy company, Plumbland Consulting Ltd. He has edited four editions of the Dictionary of Cell & Molecular Biology (4th Edition, 2007) and was Chief Editor of the Chambers' Dictionary of Science & Technology (2007).

Advisory Editor: Dr Christopher O'Callaghan

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