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Late Antiquity: A Very Short Introduction [#258]
Late Antiquity: A Very Short Introduction [#258]
  • Engaging introduction to an intriguing period in ancient history
  • Discusses late antiquity in relation to other periods in history, including Byzantium and the Fall of Rome
  • Thematic approach introducing all of the main themes, individuals, and historiographical controversies of the time
  • Considers the relationship between the world of late antiquity and the modern world, and the interplay between the ancient and the modern

Late antiquity: decline or transformation, conflict or interaction?
Late antiquity is the period (c.300 - c.800) in which barbarian invasions ended Roman Empire in Western Europe by the fifth century and Arab invasions ended Roman rule over the eastern and southern Mediterranean coasts by the seventh century. 
Asking 'what, where, and when' Gillian Clark presents an introduction to the concept of late antiquity and the events of its time. Not only a period of cultural clashes, political restructurings, and geographical controversies, Clark also demonstrates the sheer richness and diversity of religious life as well as the significant changes to trade, economy, archaeology, and towns. Encapsulating significant developments through vignettes, she reflects upon the period by asking the question 'How much can we recognise in the world of late antiquity?'


1: What and when is late antiquity?
2: Running the Empire
3: Law and welfare
4: Religion
5: What shall we do to be saved?
6: Barbarism
7: Bronze elephants: classical and Christian culture
8: Decisive change?

About the author: 

Gillian Clark was a student and then Research Fellow at Somerville College, Oxford. In 2000 she was appointed as the first Professor of Ancient History at the University of Bristol. She co-edits the OUP series Oxford Early Christian Studies and Oxford Early Christian Texts. She is also on the editorial committee of the Journal of Roman Studies and the advisory board of the Journal of Late Anquity.

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ISBN : 9780199546206

Gillian Clark
152 Pages
111 x 174 mm
Pub date
Feb 2011
Very Short Introductions
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Late Antiquity: A Very Short Introduction [#258]

Late Antiquity: A Very Short Introduction [#258]

Late Antiquity: A Very Short Introduction [#258]