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Scotland: A Very Short Introduction [#197]
Scotland: A Very Short Introduction [#197]
  • A concise, lively, and at times opinionated account of Scottish history, politics, society, religion, and culture - both past and present
  • Looks at the Scottish diaspora, and Scotland's relationship with Britain, Europe, the US, and the wider world
  • Explains why Scottish national identity is so distinctive today
  • Looks at current issues such as devolution, the Scottish economy, and the environment

Since Devolution in 1999 Scotland has become a focus of intense interest both within Britain and throughout the wider world. In this Very Short Introduction, Rab Houston explores how an independent Scottish nation emerged in the Middle Ages, how it was irrevocably altered by Reformation, links with England and economic change, and how Scotland influenced the development of the modern world. Examining politics, law, society, religion, education, migration, and culture, he examines how the nation's history has made it distinct from England, both before and after Union, how it overcame internal tensions between Highland and Lowland society, and how it has today arrived at a political, social and culture watershed. 

Authoritative, lucid, and ranging widely over issues of environment, people, and identity, this is Scotland's story without myths: an ideal introduction for those interested in the Scots, but also a balanced yet refreshing challenge to those who already feel at home in Scotland past and present. 


1: Politics and Government
2: Religion
3: Education
4: Society
5: Economy and Environment
6: Scotland and the Wider World
7: Culture

About the author: 

Robert Allan Houston was educated at the Edinburgh Academy and St Andrews University before spending six years at Cambridge University as a research student. He has been a Professor of Modern History, specialising in British social history, at the University of St Andrews since 1983. He lives in Edinburgh.

"A whistle-stop tour through the history of Scotland's politics, religion, education, economy and culture...both complex and rich." - Clare Beck, The Scotsman

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ISBN : 9780199230792

Rab Houston
192 Pages
111 x 174 mm
Pub date
Nov 2008
Very Short Introductions
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Scotland: A Very Short Introduction [#197]

Scotland: A Very Short Introduction [#197]

Scotland: A Very Short Introduction [#197]