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Mormonism: What Everyone Needs to Know®
Mormonism: What Everyone Needs to Know®
  • Offers an accessible overview of Mormonism that is especially attentive to developments, challenges, and possibilities pertaining to the new millennium
  • Addresses shifting societal standards and Mormon adaptation
  • Examines the fundamentals of the faith in context and comparison with the larger Christian tradition

Mormonism, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is America's most successful-and most misunderstood-home grown religion. The church today boasts more than 15 million members worldwide, a remarkable feat in the face of increasing secularity. The growing presence of Mormonism shows no signs of abating, as the makeup of its membership becomes progressively diverse. The heightened contemporary relevance and increasingly global membership of the Church solidifies Mormonism as a religious sect much deserving of awareness.
Covering the origins, history, and modern challenges of the church, Mormonism: What Everyone Needs to Know offers readers a brief, authoritative guide to one of the fastest growing faith groups of the twenty-first century in a reader-friendly format, providing answers to questions such as: What circumstances gave rise to the birth of Mormonism? Why was Utah chosen as a place of refuge? Do you have to believe the Book of Mormon to be a Latter-day Saint? Why do women not hold the priesthood? How wealthy is the church and how much are top leaders paid? Written by a believer and the premier scholar of the Latter-day Saints faith, this remarkably readable introduction provides a sympathetic but unstinting account of one of the few religious traditions to maintain its vitality and growth in an era of widespread disaffiliation.


The Book of Mormon
Pearl of Great Price
Questions on the Periphery
Conflicts and Challenges

About the author: 

Terryl Givens is Neal A. Maxwell Senior Research Fellow at the BYU Maxwell Institute in Provo, Utah.

"From one of the most prominent of Mormonism's contemporary intellectuals comes an exhaustive, detailed, and handy compilation of questions and answers that addresses both the Mormon tradition broadly and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in great detail. Both insiders and outsiders will find much of interest here, delivered with Givens's characteristic style and erudition, and covering everything from the visions of Joseph Smith to contemporary science fiction authors." -- Matthew Bowman, author of The Mormon People: The Making of an American Faith

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ISBN : 9780190885090

Terryl Givens
256 Pages
140 x 210 mm
Pub date
Sep 2020
What Everyone Needs to Know
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Mormonism: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Mormonism: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Mormonism: What Everyone Needs to Know®