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Military Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know®
Military Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know®
  • An approachable, case-driven account of global military ethics
  • Raises and responds to some of the most important and provocative questions about the proper role and conduct of military organizations and their members
  • Links sweeping, centuries-old political issues regarding war and the use of force in international relations to the day-to-day responsibilities of the individual members of the profession

What significance does "ethics" have for the men and women serving in the military forces of nations around the world? What core values and moral principles collectively guide the members of this "military profession?" 
This book explains these essential moral foundations, along with "just war theory," international relations, and international law. The ethical foundations that define the "Profession of Arms" have developed over millennia from the shared moral values, unique role responsibilities, and occasional reflection by individual members the profession on their own practices - eventually coming to serve as the basis for the "Law of Armed Conflict" itself.
This book focuses upon the ordinary men and women around the world who wear a military uniform and are committed to the defense of their countries and their fellow citizens. It is about what they do, how they do it, what they think about it, how they behave when carrying out their activities, and how they are expected to behave, both on and off the battlefield (whether in, or out of, uniform) - and what everyone (and not just military personnel themselves) needs to know about this. 
The book also examines how military personnel are treated and regarded by those whom they have sworn to defend and protect, as well as how they treat and regard one another within their respective services and organizational settings. Finally, the book discusses the transformations in military professionalism occasioned by new developments in armed conflict, ranging counterinsurgency warfare and humanitarian military intervention, to cyber conflict, military robotics, and private military contracting. From China to Russia, author George Lucas effectively sheds light on today's military ethics in existence throughout the world. 


Foreword: General John R. Allen, U.S. Marine Corps (retired) 
Introduction: Why Military Ethics?

Part One: The Moral Foundations of the Military Profession
Chapter 1: Ethics and the Profession of Arms
Chapter 2: Military Ethics and International Law
Chapter 3: The Ancient Origins of Military Ethics
Chapter 4: Military Ethics and the "Just War Tradition"
Chapter 5: Military Ethics Apart from Combat

Part Two: Ethical Challenges Facing the Military Profession
Chapter 6: The Ethics of Defense and Private Security Contracting
Chapter 7: Military Interventions for Humanitarian Relief
Chapter 8: Military Ethics and Unmanned Systems
Chapter 9: Military Ethics and Cyber Security

Epilogue: Reconsidering Ethics with the Profession of Arms
Additional Expressions of Gratitude

About the author: 

George Lucas is Professor Emeritus at the Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, CA), and formerly held the Distinguished Chair in Ethics at the U.S. Naval Academy. He is currently President of the original chapter of the International Society for Military Ethics (ISME), and editor of the new Routledge Handbook of Military Ethics (2015), containing contributions from military leaders and civilian scholars and educators around the world. Together with Captain W. R. Rubel (U.S. Navy, retired), he is co-editor of a textbook Ethics and the Military Profession: the Moral Foundations of Leadership, and its companion volume, Case Studies in Military Ethics, both widely used in military service academies and in Reserve Officer training (ROTC) programs in colleges and universities throughout the U.S. He currently serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Military Ethics, and teaches as a visiting scholar at the French Military Academy (Saint-Cyr).

"Professor Lucas has constructed a gem of a book. It is a true innovation in the complex and challenging field of military ethics. His approach is engaging and unique in that he tackles the major themes through a process of incisive questions and comprehensive answers. His analysis of the issues ranges from the influence of the Greeks, just war theory, St Thomas Aquinas and Kant through to the contemporary challenges of private security contractors, drones, cyber and robotics. Highly recommended for field commanders, military educators and general readers alike." --Jamie Cullens, Colonel, ADF (retired) and Director, Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics, Australian Defence College, Canberra
"George Lucas, in Military Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know, offers us an excellent, compact, and highly-readable account. Interest in military ethics has exploded in recent years, and Lucas here constructs a masterful introduction which is both easy-to-read and filled with helpful real-world examples. In the first part, he details the foundations of professional military ethics, which range from ancient custom through just war theory and into international law. In the second, Lucas applies the established practices of military ethics to such cutting-edge issues as: private security companies; drones; cyber-warfare; and using military force in aid of humanitarian crises. Highly recommended for anyone interested in professional military ethics." --Brian Orend, author of The Morality of War

"With scholarly erudition and a deep understanding of the military milieu, Professor Lucas explores the myriad ethical challenges facing soldiers and provides a clear basis for how to think about them. This work takes on ancient issues of just war theory as well as challenges presented by emerging technologies. It should be required reading for all, military and civilian alike." --Major General Robert H. Latiff, Ph.D. (US Air Force, retired) and Research Professor and Director of the Intelligence and Security Research Center at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia
"George Lucas has written the ideal introduction to military ethics. The book that is engaging, comprehensive, and deeply erudite. From ancient sources to the battlefield frontiers of military robots and cyber-war, Lucas ranges across different traditions and historical periods to shows how we can make sense of the ethical problems of war. Whether citizen or serviceman, the need to reflect on the ethics of military action has never been greater. This is the perfect guide." --David Rodin, Co-Director and Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict, University of Oxford
"No one understands the significance of ethics in the military more so than renowned Professor Emeritus George Lucas." - Christopher Booth, United States Coast Guard Officer

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ISBN : 9780199336883

George Lucas
280 Pages
140 x 210 mm
Pub date
Jun 2016
What Everyone Needs to Know
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Military Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Military Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Military Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know®