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From Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales series, this special value pack brings together 40 timeless stories from around the world. This enchanting boxed collection contains all packs from Stages 1 to 9 (10 packs, all 40 titles with CDs)

This pack contains:

Stage 1: The Elves and the Shoemaker/ The Little Red Hen / The Mouse and The Elephant/ The Ugly Duckling
Stage 1+: Run, Run! / The Big Carrot/ Lots of Nuts/ Get the Rat!
Stage 2: Rabbit on the Run / Dick and His Cat/ I Will Get You/ The King and His Wish
Stage 3: Chicken Licken / Right for Me/ Boxer and The Fish/ Cook, Pot, Cook!
Stage 4: Tom, Dad and Colin / Hans in Luck/ The Foolish Fox/ Three Rocks
Stage 5: The Moon in the Pond/ Jack and The Beanstalk/ Oh, Jack!/ The Magic Paintbrush
Stage 6: How the Bear Lost His Tail/ Monkey's Magic Pipe/ Yoshi the Stonecutter/ The Frog Prince
Stage 7: Cinderella/Rumpelstiltskin/ Aladdin/ Baba Yaga
Stage 8: Twelve Dancing Princesses/ The Tale of Little Red Riding Hood/ Finn MacCool and The Giant's Causeway/ How Anansi Got His Stories
Stage 9: Beauty and the Beast/ Mulan/ East of The Sun, West of The Moon/ The Children of Lir

Product details

ISBN : 9780193955899

Special Pack
213 x 215 mm
Pub date
Dec 2012
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Traditional Tales Special Pack

Traditional Tales Special Pack

Traditional Tales Special Pack