Oxford Reading Tree - Traditional Tales Stage 3 CD Pack of 4

ISBN : 9780193955660

Gill Munton, Monica Hughes, David Bedford, Ilaria Falorsi, Ann Ruozhu Sun, Christine Pym, Jimothy Rolovio, Series Advisor Nikki Gamble, and Teaching Notes Author Thelma Page
Paperback with CD
210x210 mm
Pub date
Sep 2011


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The Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales series includes 40 of the best known stories from all over the world, which have been passed down for generations. They are a perfect introduction to different cultures, traditions and morals. All the stories are carefully levelled to Oxford Reading Tree stages.

There are four Traditional Tales titles available at Stage 3:
Right for Me (based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears)
Chicken Licken (based on Chicken Little (USA))
Boxer and the Fish (based on The Greedy Dog)
Cook, Pot, Cook! (based on The Magic Porridge Pot)

Audio CD also included.

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