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Cuba: What Everyone Needs to Know® (3rd edition)
Cuba: What Everyone Needs to Know® (3rd edition)
  • Cuba is a perennially topical issue in the U.S., and this up-to-date, accessible account of the subject will put it all together for general readers
  • Focuses on hot-button current events while also connecting all the dots for readers by pairing the discussion of contemporary events with a deeply informed historical explanation of how Cuba became what it is today
  • Written by the go-to person on Cuba and Latin America for the national media

New to this Edition:

  • Features a new foreword that discusses developments since Obama and Raul Castro announced normalization of US-Cuba relations and restored formal diplomatic ties
  • A new final chapter covers Pope Francis' visit to Cuba and meeting with Fidel and Raul Castro
  • Previous chapters are fully updated to reflect the most recent data available

Ever since Fidel Castro assumed power in Cuba in 1959, Americans have obsessed about the nation ninety miles south of the Florida Keys. America's fixation on the tropical socialist republic has only grown over the years, fueled in part by successive waves of Cuban immigration and Castro's larger-than-life persona. Cubans are now a major ethnic group in Florida, and the exile community is so powerful that every American president has curried favor with it. But what do most Americans really know about Cuba itself? 

In this third edition of the widely hailed Cuba: What Everyone Needs to Know®, Julia Sweig updates her concise and remarkably accessible portrait of the small island nation. This edition contains a new foreword that discusses developments since Obama and Raul Castro announced the normalization of US-Cuba relations and restored formal diplomatic ties. A new final chapter discusses how normalization came to pass and covers Pope Francis' visit to Cuba, where he met with Fidel and Raul Castro. Expansive in coverage and authoritative in scope, the book looks back over Cuba's history since the Spanish American War before shifting to recent times. Focusing equally on Cuba's role in world affairs and its own social and political transformations, Sweig divides the book chronologically into the pre-Fidel era, the period between the 1959 revolution and the fall of the Soviet Union, the post-Cold War era, and — finally — the post-Fidel era. 

Informative, pithy, and lucidly written, it is the best compact reference on Cuba's internal politics, its often fraught relationship with the United States, and its shifting relationship with the global community.


1. Cuba Before 1959
2. The Cuban Revolution and the Cold War, 1951-91
3. The Cuban Revolution After the Cold War, 1991-2006
4. After Fidel, Under Raul
5. A Changing Cuba Under Raul Castro's Presidency
6. December 17, 2014 and Beyond
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About the author: 

Julia Sweig, Research Fellow, LBJ School, University of Texas
Julia E. Sweig is Senior Research Fellow at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. She is the award-winning author of several other books, including Inside the Cuban Revolution: Fidel Castro and the Urban Underground, for which she won the American Historical Association Herbert Feis Award for best book of the year by an independent scholar. She has been traveling to and writing about Cuba since 1984. She lives with her family outside of Washington, DC.

"Excellent and... evenhanded.... [It] packs a phenomenal amount of complex history into clear and simple prose." --Los Angeles Times (review of the first edition)

"Sweig's useful ready reference is highly recommended." --Library Journal (review of the first edition)

"Splendid...Sweig displays a talent for succinctness and clarity, as well as a subtle, deep knowledge of Cuban affairs." --Foreign Affairs (review of the first edition)

"For several years, Julia Sweig, America's premier expert on Cuba, has been my guide for all matters related to this beautiful, cursed, and consequential island nation. This book - economical, information-packed, and exceedingly well-written - is Sweig's indispensable contribution to our knowledge of Cuba at a particularly tumultuous time in its history." --Jeffrey Goldberg, National Correspondent, The Atlantic

Product details

ISBN : 9780190620370

Julia Sweig
384 Pages
140 x 216 mm
Pub date
Jun 2016
What Everyone Needs to Know
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Cuba: What Everyone Needs to Know® (3rd edition)

Cuba: What Everyone Needs to Know® (3rd edition)

Cuba: What Everyone Needs to Know® (3rd edition)