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Hegel: A Very Short Introduction [#049]
Hegel: A Very Short Introduction [#049]
  • Hegel is one of the most influential figures on modern political and intellectual development
  • Peter Singer is an important and well-known author in the field of philosophy, famous for his work on ethics and animal rights
  • Difficult and obscure ideas are cleary explained
  • Ideal introduction to Hegel

Many people regard Hegel's work as obscure and extremely difficult, yet his importance and influence are universally acknowledged. Professor Singer eliminates any excuse for remaining ignorant of the outlines of Hegel's
philosophy by providing a broad discussion of his ideas and an account of his major works. 


1.: Hegel's times and life
2.: History with a purpose
3.: Freedom and community
4.: The odyssey of the mind
5.: Logic and dialectics
6.: Aftermath
Notes on sources
Further reading

About the author: 

Peter Singer is DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University. He is best known for his book Animal Liberation, sometimes called 'the Bible of the modern animal movement'. His other books include Practical Ethics, How are we to live?, Ethics into Action, Marx: A Very Short Introduction, and A Darwinian Left?. He is also the author of the major article on ethics in the current edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Review from previous edition 
an excellent introduction to Hegel's thought... Hegel is neatly placed in historical context; the formal waltz of dialectic and the dialectic master and slave are economically illumined; Singer's use of analogy is at times inspired.' - Sunday Times

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ISBN : 9780192801975

Peter Singer
160 Pages
111 x 174 mm
Pub date
Aug 2001
Very Short Introductions
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Hegel: A Very Short Introduction [#049]

Hegel: A Very Short Introduction [#049]

Hegel: A Very Short Introduction [#049]