Introduction to Accounting

Peter Scott
Pub date
Feb 2018
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Peter Scott's 'Introduction to Accounting' provides a thorough but accessible and engaging introduction to the subject for first year accounting and finance students.

This highly practical textbook uses a multitude of worked and real life examples, supportive learning features, crystal clear explanations, and extensive online resources (fully integrated with the book) to guide students towards a confident understanding of the fundamentals of accounting. Scott's distinctively lively writing style sets the numerical content within an easy-to-follow narrative, and the real life relevance of each tool or technique is explained at every turn. All key areas of first year courses are covered to provide a solid foundation for more advanced modules, with two chapters and an extensive online case study dedicated to the important topic of double-entry bookkeeping.

The book's online resources include a wealth of free-to-access materials, which are complemented by Dashboard, our online assessment and homework platform. The online resources are fully downloadable into a university's local VLE.


1 Introduction; Financial accounting; 2 The statement of financial position; 3 The income statement; 4 Double-entry bookkeeping 1: Debits, credits, T accounts, the trial balance and the financial statements; 5 Double-entry bookkeeping 2: Books of prime entry, accounting systems and other double entry applications; 6 The statement of cash flows; 7 Business organizations and the financing of business; 8 Ratio analysis 1: Profitability, efficiency and performance; 9 Ratio analysis 2: Liquidity, working capital and long term financial stability; Management accounting; 10 Cost and management accounting in context; 11 Product costing: Absorption costing; 12 Relevant costs, marginal costing and short-term decision making; 13 Standard costing and variance analysis; 14 Budgeting; 15 Process costing; 16 Capital investment appraisal; 17 Corporate governance and sustainability

About the author: 

Peter Scott held the position of Principal Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at De Montfort University until 2016, teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. He was an undergraduate personal tutor and was awarded a Vice Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award on four occasions following nominations by his students. Prior to De Montfort, Peter trained with Grant Thornton, Chartered Accountants, where he also gained post qualification experience, before moving into industry at Ashfield Holdings Plc. Peter has presented various academic papers on the subject of auditing at several conferences in the UK, and has jointly authored published papers in refereed journals. He has also undertaken writing assignments for the ACCA, CIMA and the CIES International University Network (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland).

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