Oxford Teaching Workshop Series 2020

Oxford Teaching Workshop Series 2020

February to March 202010 cities across Japan


Creating empowered 21st century learners

This year’s workshops will focus on global skills and how English language teachers can integrate global skills into the young learner classroom.
In our rapidly changing world, global skills are essential for preparing students to become successful, fulfilled, and responsible members of 21st century society. These skills include communication, creativity, critical thinking, digital literacies, and more.
Join us to learn practical ideas from expert speakers on how to incorporate global skills into English language teaching, equipping learners with vital skills for lifelong learning and success.

Recommended for
Primary English teachers and those who are interested in primary English education
Admission fee
Kanazawa, Tokyo, Sendai, Nagoya, Saitama, Sapporo, Osaka, Yokohama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka


Kaj Schwermer

(Co-author, Oxford Phonics World)

Presentation Schedule:

Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina

(Authors, Magic Time; Co-authors, Everybody Up, Oxford Discover)

Presentation Schedule:

Setsuko Toyama

(Co-author, English Time)

Presentation Schedule:

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto

(Co-author, Let's Go)

Presentation Schedule:

Kevin Churchley

(Shumei High school)

Presentation Schedule:

Tetsuro Nishiyama

(Kori Nevers Gakuin Elementary School)

Presentation Schedule:

Yoko Kosaka

(Kunimoto Elementary School)

Presentation Schedule:

Kate Sato

(Hokkaido University of Science)

Presentation Schedule:

Naoko Ashikawa

(Oxford University Press)

Presentation Schedule:

Rob Peacock

(Oxford University Press, Educational Services Consultant)

Presentation Schedule:

What people are saying

I really recommend joining Oxford Teaching Workshop Series. It's a great chance to see so many enthusiastic and fun trainers sharing their knowledge and ideas - many of which I started using in my own classes straight away!

Megumi Tomotake(めぐちゃんのフォニックスえいごクラブ)

Oxford Teaching Workshop Series has provided me with wonderful ideas and teaching materials that I can implement directly to my classes. The workshops are a one-stop source for all things that a professional teacher needs.

Elly Rachman(Elementary school ALT, Saitama)

The speakers at Oxford Teaching Workshop Series really know how to present! And they have such impressive insight and techniques on how to teach English to children in Japan that I look forward to going every year!

Munefumi Uotani(John & Uotani Co.)