Advertising: A Very Short Introduction [#234]
Advertising: A Very Short Introduction [#234]

巨大な影響力を持つ広告。本書は広告が商工業、社会、メディアに果たす役割を論じる一冊です。広告業界の構造、広告主、ブランドおよびブランディングの役割、主要な広告メディア、広告代理店による広告の制作過程やクライアントの資金の使いかた、広告制作時の徹底的なリサーチなどを考察し、広告の実像に迫ります。(cf. Advertising: What Everyone Needs to Know)

  • Addresses the question most frequently asked by the public and students in relation to this subject - how does advertising work?
  • Explores the many different ways in which campaigns work (or fail to work)
  • Explains the role of advertising in commerce and industry, in society, and in the media
  • Covers the structure of the advertising industry; who are the advertisers?; the role of brands and branding; the key advertising media sectors; the creation of advertisements; the finances; research; controversial areas of advertising; and the benefits of advertising

How advertising works is not a question that has a simple answer. Advertising is a diverse entity and different campaigns work (or fail to work) in a plethora of different ways. Most advertising persuades people to buy things, but how? And who does it aim to persuade? And how are these decisions made? In this Very Short Introduction Winston Fletcher, an expert with extensive knowledge of advertising from the inside, aims to answer these questions, and in doing so, dispels some of the myths and misunderstandings surrounding the industry.
The book contains a short history of advertising and an explanation of how the industry works, and how each of the parties (the advertisers , the media and the agencies) are involved. It considers the extensive spectrum of advertisers and their individual needs. It also looks at the financial side of advertising and asks how advertisers know if they have been successful, or whether the money they have spent has in fact been wasted.
Fletcher concludes with a discussion about the controversial and unacceptable areas of advertising such as advertising products to children and advertising products such as cigarettes and alcohol. He also discusses the benefits of advertising and what the future may hold for the industry.


1: What does advertising do?
2: The structure of the advertising industry
3: Advertisers: the paymasters
4: The media: blowing the trumpet
5: The agencies: (i) creating the ads
6: The agencies: (ii) spending the clients' money
7: Research, research, research
8: The good, the bad and the ugly
9: The benefits of advertising


Winston Fletcher has worked in advertising for many years, and is the only person ever to have been both Chairman of the Advertising Association and President of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. He has spoken and lectured throughout the world on advertising, marketing and marketing research, and has written extensively on advertising in the media. He was founder Chairman of the World Advertising Research Center, and is a Vice President of the History of Advertising Trust and Visiting Professor of Marketing at the University of Westminster. He is the author of leading books on advertising and other business topics including the forthcoming Powers of Persuasion: The Inside Story of British Advertising (OUP, July 2008).


ISBN : 9780199568925

Winston Fletcher
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Advertising: A Very Short Introduction [#234]

Advertising: A Very Short Introduction [#234]

Advertising: A Very Short Introduction [#234]