Anxiety: A Very Short Introduction [#318]
Anxiety: A Very Short Introduction [#318]


  • A highly accessible introduction to one of the most basic human emotions
  • Summarizes the most up-to-date science and research on anxiety
  • Explores what anxiety is, why it is so important, and the main causes and explanations for it
  • Covers the six major anxiety disorders: phobias, panic disorder and agoraphobia, social anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Includes interviews with Michael Palin and Graham Taylor conducted specifically for the book, to learn from their experiences with anxiety
  • Includes an appendix of self-assessment questionnaires relating to each disorder for reference

Are we born with our fears or do we learn them? Why do our fears persist? What purpose does anxiety serve? How common are anxiety disorders, and which treatments are most effective? What's happening in our brain when we feel fear? And what are Colombian worry dolls? 
This Very Short Introduction draws on the best scientific research to offer a highly accessible explanation of what anxiety is, why it is such a normal and vital part of our emotional life, and the key factors that cause it. Insights are drawn from psychology, neuroscience, genetics, epidemiology, and clinical trials. Providing a fascinating illustration of the discussion are two interviews conducted specifically for the book, with the actor, writer, director, and television presenter Michael Palin and former England football manager Graham Taylor.
The book covers in detail the six major anxiety disorders: phobias; panic disorder and agoraphobia; social anxiety; generalised anxiety disorder; obsessive compulsive disorder; and post-traumatic stress disorder. With a chapter devoted to each disorder, Daniel and Jason Freeman take you through the symptoms, prevalence, and causes of each one. A final chapter describes the treatments available for dealing with anxiety problems. 


1: What is anxiety?
2: Theories of anxiety
3: Nature or nurture?
4: Everyday anxiety and how to cope with it
5: Phobias
6: Social phobia
7: Panic disorder
8: Generalised anxiety disorder
9: Obsessive compulsive disorder
10: Post-traumatic stress disorder
11: Treatment


Daniel Freeman, Professor of Clinical Psychology and MRC Senior Clinical Fellow, Oxford University, and Jason Freeman, Freelance writer and editor
Professor Daniel Freeman is one of the UK's leading clinical psychologists. He is Professor of Clinical Psychology and Medical Research Council (MRC) Senior Clinical Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University. He is also a consultant clinical psychologist in Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

Jason Freeman is a writer and editor specializing in popular psychology and self-help.


ISBN : 9780199567157

Daniel Freeman; Jason Freeman
176 ページ
111 x 174 mm
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Anxiety: A Very Short Introduction [#318]

Anxiety: A Very Short Introduction [#318]

Anxiety: A Very Short Introduction [#318]