The Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories

ISBN : 9780199556304

Michael Cox; R. A. Gilbert
528 ページ
129 x 196 mm
Oxford Books of Prose & Verse
  • New contemporary look for a bestselling collection of ghost stories
  • An enjoyable and wide-ranging anthology including some of the most frightening ghost stories ever written
  • Writers included: M. R. James, T. H. White, Elizabeth Bowen, Sir Walter Scott, H. G. Wells, J. S. Le Fanu, Vernon Lee, and W. S. Maugham

The thrill and chill of the ghost story is displayed in all its variety and vitality through this marvellous anthology. Ranging from the early 19th century to the 1960s, the collection reveals the development of the genre, and showcases many of its greatest expositors - from Sir Walter Scott, H. G. Wells, M. R. James, T. H. White, Walter de la Mare, and Elizabeth Bowen in the UK to Edith Wharton in America. Though its heyday coincided with the golden age of Empire in the nineteenth century, the ghost story enjoyed a second flowering between the two World Wars and its popularity is as great as ever.


The Tapestried Chamber, Sir Walter Scott
The Phantom Coach, Amelia B. Edwards
Squire Toby's Will, J.S. Le Fanu
The Shadow in the Corner, M. E. Braddon
The Upper Berth, F. Marion Crawford
A Wicked Voice, Vernon Lee
The Judge's House, Bram Stoker
Man-Size in Marble, F. Nesbit
The Roll-Call of the Reef, Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
The Friends of the Friends, Henry James
The Red Room, H. G. Wells
The Monkey's Paw, W. W. Jacobs
The Lost Ghost, Mary E. Wilkins
Soft Voices at Passenham, T. H. White
The Cicerones, Robert Aickman
The Bottle of 1912, Simon Raven
Bad Company, Walter de la Mare
Cushi, Christopher Woodforde
A Story of Don Juan, V. S. Pritchett
Hand in Glove, Elizabeth Bowen
An Encounter in the Mist, A. N. L. Munby
Bosworth Summit Pound, L. T. C. Rolt
Et in Sempiternum Pereant, Charles Williams
The Hollow Man, Thomas Burke
Ahoy, Sailor Boy!, A. E. Coppard
The Little Ghost, Hugh Walpole
Smee, A. M. Burrage
Mr. Jones, Edith Wharton
Old Man's Beardd, H. Russell Wakefield
The Clock, W. F. Harvey
Fullcircle, John Buchan
A Visitor From Down Under, L. P. Hartley
The Victim, Mary Sinclair
The Taipan, W. Somerset Maugham
The True History of Anthony Ffryaar, Arthur Gray
Bone to His Bone, E.G. Swain
On the Brighton Road, Richard Middleton
The Confession of Charles Linkworth, E. F. Benson
Rose Rose, Barry Pain
The Cigarette Case, Oliver Onions
The Empty House, Algernon Blackwood
'Oh Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Ladd', M.R. James
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"An excellent anthology, full of uncanny pleasures and unsettling tales. Guaranteed to make your flesh crawl." - Waterstones Books Quarterly