The Oxford Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education: 2-Volume Set
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education: 2-Volume Set
  • Comprehensive scope and depth: over 100 in-depth essays that explore philosophical angles on contemporary educational topics from around the world
  • Global and non-dominant perspectives: the Encyclopedia significantly enlarges the canon of what counts as philosophy of education and showcases the work of scholars whose voices have traditionally been marginalized
  • Exploration of contemporary and cutting-edge issues: contributors address a number of timely topics, including questions about democracy, power, citizenship, race, technology, gender, sexuality, globalization, ethics, decolonization, and morality
  • Accessible: all articles are also available online in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education provides a comprehensive, global, invitational, and accessible overview of contemporary issues in the field of philosophy of education. It includes a wide range of topics, ideas, and diverse perspectives from around the world, and features an editorial board composed entirely of women. Each chapter is an in-depth exploration of a philosophical topic or issue relevant to teaching, education, pedagogy, and/or schooling. Authors include well-known and emerging scholars who write in invitational ways to a non-specialist audience. Taken together, the Encyclopedia's authors illuminate the kinds of questions that philosophers ask about education and schooling, and the tools and resources they bring to bear on these questions. They show the ways in which educational philosophers uncover fundamental assumptions, describe relationships among ideas, analyze concepts, unpack taken-for-granted claims, connect disparate viewpoints, identify the validity and consistency of claims, unsettle "common sense," propose hypothetical experiments, provide critical commentary on ideas, render givens as contingent, explore the interactions of ideas and experience, and offer alternative possibilities.
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education is organized into ten sections: philosophical traditions and explorations in education; non-Western, indigenous, and post/decolonial philosophies of education; race, gender, sexuality, and marginalized perspectives; globalization, democracy, and citizenship education; ethics, justice, morality, and character education; philosophical issues in research and educational practice; philosophical issues and controversies in K-12 education; philosophy of childhood, parenting, upbringing, and formation; philosophical issues in arts and aesthetics in education; and contemporary topics and issues in philosophy of education. This combination of breadth and depth makes The Oxford Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education an important and essential guide to the complex philosophical issues informing all facets of education today.


Active Listening, Music Education, and Society
Aesthetics and Education
African Philosophies of Education
Alain Badiou and Education
Animal Rights Education
Aristotelian and Kantian Virtues and Education
Aspirations to Gender Equality in Philosophy, Political Activism, and Education
Authenticity in Education
Autonomy and Education
Autonomy and Higher Education in Africa
Bildung from Paideia to the Modern Subject
Bildung-Centered General Didactics
Buddhist Ethics and Moral Education
Camus and Tragedy in Education
Catholic Theology and Philosophy of Education
Citizenship and Ethics
Classroom Ethics
Confucianism and Education
Conversation in Education
Cosmopolitanism and Philosophy of Education
Cosmopolitical and Biopolitical Aesthetics as Philosophical Approaches to Art Education
Critical Post-Humanism in Education
Critical Whiteness Studies
Cyberculture and Education in Latin America
Decolonial Philosophy and Education
Deleuze Studies in Education
Democracy and Education in the United States
Democracy, Education, and the Performing Arts
Disciplinarity and Educational Research
Earth Ethics for Education
Ecofeminism and Education
Ecopedagogy and Education
Education and Cultural Navigation for Children in Refugee Resettlement Contexts
Education and Peace
Education as a Human Science
Education for Global Citizenship
Educational Biopolitics
Educational Experience and the Neglected Landscapes of Possibility
Ethical Issues in Higher Education Pedagogy
Evidence-Based Educational Practice
Exploring the Contributions of Sara Ruddick, Nel Noddings, and Ayya Khema to Care Theory and Peace Building
Free Speech, Civility, and Censorship in Education
Gender and Sexuality Theory and Research in Education
Gender and Technology in Education
Globalization and Education
Gratitude and Education
Gun Violence and Democratic Education in America
Hospitality and Higher Education
Human Flourishing as an Aim of Education
Ideology and Education
Imagination and Education
Indigenous Notions of Interconnection and Formation by the World
Intellectual Virtues in Higher Education
Intensifying Multicultural Education through Critical Pedagogy, Antiracism, and the Need to Unschool
Intersectionality in U.S. Educational Research
Intuition and Education
Islamic Pedagogy for Islamic Schools
Justice and Education
Lateral Thinking and Learning in Arts Education in Post-Internet Art
Learning From Disequilibrium and Educating the Feminine Voice in Philosophy
Liberalism in Education
Love of Wisdom
Malay Philosophies of Education
Marxism and Educational Theory
Mindfulness and 'Educational New Ageism'
Moral and Character Education
Moral Education and Technology
Museum Education and the Epistemological Turn
Neoliberalism and Education
Open-mindedness and Education
Parental Involvement in the United States
Paulo Freire
Philosophical Issues in Critical Thinking
Philosophical Tenets of Action Research in Education
Philosophy, Death, and Education
Postcolonial Philosophy of Education in the Philippines
Postdevelopmental Conceptions of Child and Childhood in Education
Postmodernism in Education
Practice-Based Teacher Education
Professionalism, Education, and Ethics Codes
Public Schooling and Democracy in the United States
Purposes of Arts Education
Queer Pedagogy
Relational Pedagogy
Religion in Schools in the United States
Roles of Educational Philosophy in Educational Research
Tagore's Perspective on Decolonizing Education
Teacher Activism in the U.S.
Teachers as Conscientious Objectors
Teaching Literature in Schools for Democratic Citizenship
The Affective Turn in Educational Theory
The Controversy of Muslim Women in Liberal Democracies
The Effects of Agential Realism on Gender Research and Education
The Four Pillars of Philosophy in Higher Education
The Judicialization of American Education
The Pattern of Upbringing
The Philosophical, Anthropological, and Pedagogical Foundations of the Curriculum as a Formative Process
The Philosophy and Ideals of Islamic Education
The Value of Play in Education
Theories of Tolerance in Education
Tolerance and Education
Wrongful Influence in Educational Contexts


Kathy Hytten is a Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations at the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) and Program Director for the Doctorate in Education (EdD) program. After receiving her PhD in Social Foundations of Education, specializing in Educational Philosophy, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kathy spent 17 years as a professor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale before moving to UNCG in 2013. Kathy teaches graduate courses in democracy and education, qualitative research, philosophy of education, sociology of education, cultural diversity, ethics and social justice, race, equity, and educational leadership. In her research, Kathy aims to make theoretically abstract ideas useful, accessible, and meaningful to prospective and practicing educators and administrators. Towards that end, she has published essays on diversity, ethics, hope, cultural studies, whiteness theory, globalization and education for social justice and democracy. Her work has appeared in a variety of books and journals, including Democracy and EducationEducational TheoryEducation and CultureEducational StudiesEquity and Excellence in EducationEducational Foundations, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in EducationPhilosophy of EducationJournal of Philosophy of Education, and the Journal of Curriculum Studies. Kathy is a Past-President of the Philosophy of Education Society (2019) and the American Educational Studies Association (2009).
Bridget Allan, University of Queensland
Barbara Applebaum, Syracuse University
Sonja Arndt, University of Melbourne
Lynda Avendaño Santana, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
David Backer, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Darío Luis Banegas, University of Strathclyde
Ronald Barnett, University College London
Søren S.E. Bengtsen, Aarhus University
Lauren Bialystok, University of Toronto
Ben Bindewald, Oklahoma State University Stillwater
J.C. Blokhuis, University of Waterloo
Emile Bojesen, University of Winchester
Inga Bostad, University of Oslo
Gregory Bourassa, University of Northern Iowa
David Bridges, University of East Anglia and St Edmund's College and Homerton College Cambridge
Gregory Bynum, State University of New York at New Paltz
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Matt Hastings, University of Colorado Boulder
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Mary Hauser, Stanford University Graduate School of Education
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Ruyu Hung, National Chiayi University
Kathy Hytten, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education: 2-Volume Set

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education: 2-Volume Set

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education: 2-Volume Set