The Scarlet Letter

ISBN : 9780199537808

Nathaniel Hawthorne; Brian Harding
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  • A new edition of one of the great American novels, Hawthorne's masterpiece, with a new wide-ranging introduction and up-to-date bibliography.
  • Cindy Weinstein's Introduction considers the novel's autobiographical, historical, and literary contexts, and the tension between the seventeenth-century and nineteenth-century sensibilities. It also examines how its themes intersect with women writers of the time.
  • A comprehensive and up-to-date bibliography.
  • Thorough notes provide essential information on the Puritan and antebellum contexts.
  • Text from the Centenary Edition of Hawthorne's works, the most authoritative critical edition, and approved by the Center for Editions of the Modern Languague Association of America.

New to this Edition:

  • Introduction by Cindy Weinstein
  • Up-to-date bibliography by Cindy Weinstein

'Thou and thine, Hester Prynne, belong to me.'

With these chilling words a husband claims his wife after a two-year absence. But the child she clutches is not his, and Hester must wear a scarlet 'A' upon her breast, the sin of adultery visible to all. Under an assumed name her husband begins his search for her lover, determined to expose what Hester is equally determined to protect. Defiant and proud, Hester witnesses the degradation of two very different men, as moral codes and legal imperatives painfully collide.

Set in the Puritan community of seventeenth-century Boston, The Scarlet Letter also sheds light on the nineteenth-century in which it was written, as Hawthorne explores his ambivalent relations with his Puritan forebears. The text of this edition is taken from the Centenary Edition of Hawthorne's works, the most authoritative critical edition. 
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Note on the Text
Select Bibliography
A Chronology of Nathaniel Howthorne

Prefae to the Second Edition
The Custom-House --- Introductory
I The Prison-Door
II The Market-Plae
III The Recognition
IV The Interview
V Hester at Her Needle
VI Pearl
VII The Governor's Hall
VIII The Elf-Child and the Minister
IX The Leech
X The Leech and His Patient
XI The Interior of a Heart
XII The Minister's Vigil
XIII Another View of Hester
XIV Hster and the Physician
XV Hester and Pearl
XVI A Forest Walk
XVII the Pastor and His Parishioner
XVIII A Flood of Sunchine
XIX The Child at the Brook-Side
XX The Minister in a Maze
XXI The New England Holiday
XXII The Procession
XXIII The Revelation of the Scarlet Letter
XXIV Conclusion

Explanatory Notes


Nathaniel Hawthorne
Edited by Brian Harding and Cindy Weinstein, Professor of English, Callifornia Institute of Technology