Introduction to Environmental Economics (2nd edition)

Nick Hanley; Jason Shogren; Ben White
Pub date
Jan 2013
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  • Careful explanation of key economic concepts in the context of environmental problems makes this book an ideal introduction to the study of environmental economics
  • Coverage of problems such as climate change, water pollution, and loss of biodiversity provides an invaluable global overview of the most pressing environmental issues of our time
  • Assessment of different theoretical approaches to environmental economics provides a key to understanding the various possible policy responses to major environmental issues
  • Case studies of environmental problems from across the world combine a global picture with in-depth descriptions of specific concrete examples

New to this Edition:

  • Substantial revision of all existing chapters.
  • Greater focus on environmental policy and management links and links to policy issues which have recently emerged.
  • Updating of box sections with recent findings from the literature.
  • New pedagogical features including tutorial questions and definitions.

An understanding of economics is vital to any understanding of why environmental problems occur and what best to do about them. This book provides an introduction to the subject of environmental economics without assuming any in-depth prior knowledge of economics. Part one explains the fundamental economic concepts. Part two uses these concepts in understanding and developing policy responses to some of the major environmental issues of our time. Examples are drawn from all over the world and include such vital issues as climate change, water pollution, and loss of biodiversity. This second edition is a complete re-write and updating of the first edition. 

An Introduction to Environmental Economics examines both a wide range of environmental case studies and also assesses a variety of economic theories and their approach to environmental issues. Clearly written, global in approach, and theoretically broad-minded, this text is an ideal introduction both to the study of environmental economics and to the question of how economics can provide tools for improving our environment.


Part One
1: Introduction
2: Markets and the Environment
3: Valuing the Environment: Concepts
4: Valuing the Environment: Methods
5: Behaviour and Environmental Risk
6: Economic Growth, the Environment and Sustainable Development
7: Strategic Interaction and the Environment
8: Trade and the Environment
Part Two
9: The Economics of Climate Change
10: Forests
11: The Economics of Water Pollution
12: Biodiversity
13: Energy and Resources

About the author: 

Nick Hanley, Professor of Environmental Economics, University of Stirling, Jason Shogren, Stroock Distinguished Professor of Natural Resource Conservation and Management, University of Wyoming, and Ben White, Professor, School of Agriculture and Resource Economics, University of Western Australia

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