Human Anatomy: A Very Short Introduction

ISBN : 9780198707370

Leslie Klenerman
176 Pages
114 x 174 mm
Pub date
Feb 2015
Very Short Introductions


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  • A clear and concise overview of the main principles of human anatomy
  • Relates the key principles to every day clinical problems, congenital abnormalities, and comparative anatomy to place the topic into context
  • Includes aspects of human evolution to show how and why the body has developed as it has
  • Considers the origins and development of human anatomy
  • Includes 50 clear explanatory diagrams

A vast subject that includes a strange vocabulary and an apparent mass of facts, human anatomy can at first appear confusing and off-putting. But the basic construction of the human body - the skeleton, the organs of the chest and abdomen, the nervous system, the head and neck with its sensory systems and anatomy for breathing and swallowing - is vital for anyone studying medicine, biology, and health studies. In this Very Short Introduction Leslie Klenerman provides a clear, concise, and accessible introduction to the structure, function, and main systems of the human body, including a number of clear and simple illustrations to explain the key areas. 


1: Development of anatomy
2: The skeleton and its attachments
3: A vital system
4: Communication and control
5: Head and neck
6: The abdomen
7: The limbs
8: Man the tottering biped
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About the author: 

Leslie Klenerman was an Emeritus Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery from the University of Liverpool. As a consultant orthopaedic surgeon he worked at Northwick Park Hospital and Clinical Research Centre until he moved to a chair at Liverpool University. Later in his career he worked in the Anatomy Department at Cambridge University as a Senior Demonstrator. He is the author of several publications.

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