Modern India: A Very Short Introduction

ISBN : 9780198769347

Craig Jeffrey
136 Pages
111 x 174 mm
Pub date
Nov 2017
Very Short Introductions


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  • Offers an overview of India's recent history
  • Considers key cultural questions regarding caste, the impact of the economic boom for India's population and the way in which India's culture industry is responding to technological change
  • Considers the lives, opportunities, and aspiration of India's youth population

India is widely recognised as a new global powerhouse. It has become one of the world's emerging powers, rivalling China in terms of global influence. Yet people still know relatively little about the economic, social, political, and cultural changes unfolding in India today. To what extent are people benefiting from the economic boom? Does caste still exist in India? How is India's culture industry responding to technological change? And what of India's rapidly changing role internationally?

This Very Short Introduction looks at the exciting world of change in contemporary India. Craig Jeffrey provides a compelling account of the recent history of the nation, investigating the contradictions that are plaguing modern India and the manner in which people, especially young people, are actively remaking the country in the twenty first century. One thing is clear: India is a country that is going to become increasingly important for the world over the next decades. 


1: History of India 1800-1947
2: History of India 1947-present
3: Social Revolution
4: Youth
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About the author: 

Craig Jeffrey, Director of the Australia India Institute
Craig Jeffrey is Director and CEO of the Australia India Institute and a Professor of Human Geography at the University of Melbourne. He has formerly worked in Cambridge, Edinburgh, Seattle and Oxford. His research focuses on youth, education, and everyday politics in India and has published six books on this theme, including the acclaimed Timepass: Youth, Class and the Politics of Waiting in India (Stanford University Press, 2010).

"a short and serious account of present-day India" - Indian Link

"A remarkable achievement, to provide such an inclusive introduction to a diverse, vast, and ancient country so concisely." - Sir Mark Tully

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