Northern Ireland: A Very Short Introduction

Marc Mulholland
Pub date
Jan 2003
Very Short Introductions
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  • 'incisive, even-handed and informed' (James Loughlin, University of Ulster)
  • 'a masterly feat of compression' (Financial Times)
  • Topical and thorough treatment of the political climate of Northern Ireland
  • Introduces all the key figures and organizations involved in current violent and political conflicts
  • Author a specialist in the history of Northern Ireland

From the Plantation of Ulster in the seventeenth century to the entry into peace talks in the late twentieth century the Northern Irish people have been engaged in conflict - Catholic against Protestant, Republican against Unionist. Marc Mulholland explores the pivotal moments in Northern Irish history - the rise of republicanism in the 1800s, Home Rule and the civil rights movement, the growth of Sinn Fein and the provisional IRA, and of the opposition, the DUP, led by Dr. Ian Paisley. His detailed examination of the violent upheaval of the last century, epitomized by the killing of 13 civilian demonstrators on Bloody Sunday, culminates in the controversy surrounding the current ongoing peace process. 
Over 300 years on, the question still remains: can two identities and national allegiances be accommodated in the same state without oppression, rebellion, or violence? 


1: Divided Ulster: from Plantation to Partition
2: Home Rule in Ulster: Stormont's Record
3: Life Cheapens: The Descent into War
4: The Long War
5: The Long 'Peace'

About the author: 

Marc Mulholland is a Fellow in Modern History at St Catherine's College, Oxford. His publications include Northern Ireland at the Crossroads: Ulster Unionism in the O'Neill Years 1960-1969 (Macmillian, St Martin's Press, 2000)

a useful little handbook with some easy-to-access basic information - Irish Democrat

a brief and helpful introduction to the Troubles. . . . The Volume's great value is that it offers a lucidly and lightly written, short introduction to a subject that will continue to haunt many people for a very long time - TLS

a masterly feat of compression . . . excellent on the paradoxes of political developments since the ceasefires. - Financial Times

Mulholland writes with unusual sensitivity and fairness. He understands the problem: in Northern Ireland, neither Nationalist nor Unionist feels they may rest easy. - Paul Bew, Queen's University Belfast

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