Issues in Political Theory (3rd edition)

Catriona McKinnon
Pub date
Dec 2014
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Issues in Political Theory provides a stimulating introduction to some of the key concepts, thinkers, and texts in political theory. Extended case studies at the end of each chapter show students how to examine a key political issue in light of the concepts explored in the chapter, while a range of additional learning features help students to check and develop their understanding, and approach learning materials beyond the text book. Clearly written chapters have been brought up to date with contemporary issues and literature, and the third edition introduces a new chapter on crime and punishment, and one on power, as well as a rewritten chapter on war and intervention. A number of engaging new cases are featured in the text to demonstrate how theory can be used to examine important political issues. The title is supported by an Online Resource Centre with additional case studies to build students' confidence in using theory to shed light on key issues, and a suite of class activities/exercises and essay questions to provide lecturers with additional teaching materials.


1. Political authority and obligation
2. Liberty
3. Toleration
4. Democracy
5. Equality and social justice
6. Crime and punishment
7. Multiculturalism
8. Human rights
9. Global justice
10. War and intervention
11. Environment
12. Gender
13. Generations
14. Power

About the author: 

Catriona McKinnon is Professor at the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Reading.

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