Emergencies in Children's and Young People's Nursing

E. A Glasper; Gillian McEwing; Jim Richardson
Pub date
Jun 2011
Emergencies in...
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This book is a survival guide for all nurses who provide emergency care to children and young people. It helps those nurses who are at the front-line of care to quickly assess the level of emergency and plan the initial management. The consistent layout and the note-style format allows them to find and take in information quickly, whilst on the ward. Written by nurses, for nurses, this quick-reference book contains the most important information nurses need to know when caring for children and young people.


1. Principles of care
2. Critical events
3. Neurological problems
4. Respiratory problems
5. Circulatory problems
6. Gastrointestinal problems
7. Skin and connective tissue problems
8. Musculoskeletal problems
9. Sensory problems
10. Haematology and immunology
11. Renal and reproductive problems
12. Endocrine and metabolic problems
13. Mental health problems
14. Unscheduled care management

About the author: 

Edward Alan Glasper is currently Professor of Child Health Nursing at the University of Southampton. He is also Education Representative of the Association of Chief Children's Nurses and former Vice Chairman of the Royal College of Nursing Society of Paediatric Nursing. He has written over 200 papers and books.; Gillian McEwing is a Lecturer in Child Nursing at the University of Plymouth, specialising in management and leadership in children's nursing, chronic illness and children's understanding of illness and communication. ; Jim Richardson is Head of Division (Family Care) at the University of Glamorgan.

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