The Oxford Handbook of Personality and Social Psychology

Kay Deaux; Mark Snyder
Pub date
Mar 2014
Oxford Library of Psychology
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For decades, the relationship between personality psychology and social psychology has been defined by its contrasts: sometimes highly overlapping and intertwined, at other times conflicting and even competing. This contradiction has been ultimately counterproductive, as it has precluded the understanding of people as both individuals and social beings. The Oxford Handbook of Personality and Social Psychology captures the history, current status, and future prospects of personality and social psychology - presented not as a set of parallel accounts, but as an integrated perspective on the behavior of persons in social contexts. The contributors to this handbook were charged not only with presenting examples of work that crosses the boundaries of personality and social psychology, but also with thinking deeply and generatively about the ways in which a unified social-personality perspective can provide a greater understanding of the phenomena that concern psychological investigators. The chapters of this handbook weave together work from personality and social psychology, addressing both distinctive contributions and common ground. In so doing, the authors offer compelling evidence for the power and the potential of an integrated approach, as well as new suggestions and directions for research. This volume is a groundbreaking achievement for the field of psychology, one which promises to set the agenda for future generations of scholars.


1. Introduction to the Volume
Mark Snyder and Kay Deaux
Part One: Foundations of Personality and Social Psychology: Historical, Conceptual, and Methodological Perspectives
2. The Intertwined Histories of Personality and Social Psychology
Thomas F. Pettigrew and Frances Cherry
3. Perspectives on the Person: Rapid Growth and Opportunities for Integration
William Fleeson
4. Perspectives on the Situation
Harry T. Reis and John G. Holmes
5. Behavior and Behavior Assessment
Janice R. Kelly and Christopher R. Agnew
6. Neuroscience Approaches in Social and Personality Psychology
David M. Amodio and Eddie Harmon-Jones
7. Evolutionary Perspectives
Steven W. Gangestad
8. Context in Person, Person in Context: A Cultural Psychology Approach to Social-Personality Psychology
Glenn Adams
9. Conceptual and Methodological Issues in the Analysis of Data from Dyads and Groups
Deborah A. Kashy and M. Brent Donellan
10. Multilevel Modeling in Personality and Social Psychology
Oliver Christ, Chris G. Sibley, and Ulrich Wagner
Part Two: Substantive Areas Approached from Personality and Social Psychology Perspectives
11. Self and Identity: Dynamics of Persons and Their Situations
Jennifer Crocker and Amy Canevello
12. Motivation and Goal Pursuit: Integration across the Social/Personality Divide
Julie K. Norem
13. Five New Ideas about Emotion and Their Implications for Social-Personality Psychology
Gerald L. Clore and Michael D. Robinson
14. Initial Impressions of Others
James S. Uleman and S. Adil Saribay
15. Attitudes and Persuasion
Icek Ajzen
16. From Help-giving to Helping Relations: Belongingness and Independence in Social Interaction
Arie Nadler
17. Anti-Social Behavior in Individuals and Groups: An Empathy-focused Approach
Emanuele Castano
18. Personality and Social Interaction: Interpenetrating Processes
Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton and Ozlem Ayduk
19. Attachment Theory Expanded: A Behavioral Systems Approach
Mario Mikulincer and Phillip R. Shaver
20. Person by Situation Perspectives on Close Relationships
Jeffry A. Simpson and Heike A. Winterheld
21. Personality Influences on Group Processes: The Past, Present, and Future
Craig D. Parks
22. Intergroup Processes: From Prejudice to Positive Relations between Groups
Linda R.Tropp and Ludwin E. Molina
Part Three: Life Domains
23. Personality, Social Psychology, and Psychopathology: Reflections on a Lewinian Vision
Philip R. Costanzo, Rick H. Hoyle, and Mark R. Leary
24. Individual and Societal Well-being
Shigehiro Oishi
25. Multiculturalism: Cultural, Social, and Personality Processes
Veronica Benet-Martinez
26. Personality and Social Contexts as Sources of Change and Continuity across the Life Span
Abigail J. Stewart and Kay Deaux
27. Leadership: A Person-In-Situation Perspective
Daan van Knippenberg
28. Work and Organizations: Contextualizing Personality and Social Psychology
David V. Day and Deidra J. Schleicher
29. A Person X Intervention Strategy Approach to Understanding Health Behavior
Alexander J. Rothman and Austin S. Baldwin
30. Forensic Personality and Social Psychology
Saul Kassin and Margaret Bull Kovera
31. The Psychology of Collective Action
Lauren E. Duncan
32. Policy Implications
Allen Omoto
33. Epilogue
Kay Deaux and Mark Snyder

About the author: 

Kay Deaux, Ph.D., is Distinguished Professor Emerita, CUNY Graduate Center, and Visiting Research Scholar, Department of Psychology, New York University. Mark Snyder, Ph.D., is McKnight Presidential Chair in Psychology, University of Minnesota, and is the Director of the Center for the Study of the Individual and Society.

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