Street on Torts (15th edition)

Christian Witting
Pub date
Jun 2018
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Street on Torts provides an insightful and thorough treatment of tort law with a focus on key concepts and clear explanations. This book builds upon the excellent legacy of its previous, celebrated authors with a renewed focus on the needs of today's students.


Part I. Introduction
1 Overview of tort law
Part II. Negligent Invasions of Personal, Property, and Financial Interests
2 Duty of care I: foundational principles
3 Duty of care II: bodily injury and psychiatric illness
4 Duty of care III: property damage and purely financial losses
5 Duty of care IV: public authorities
6 Breach of duty
7 Causation and remoteness
8 Defences to negligence
9 Liability for defective premises and structures
Part III. Intentional Invasions of Interests in the Person and Property
10 Trespass to the person and related torts
11 Wrongful interference with goods
12 Trespass to land
13 Defences to intentional torts against the person or property
Part IV. Misrepresentation-based and 'Economic' Torts
14 False representations
15 The general economic torts
Part V. Torts Involving Strict or Stricter Liability
16 Product liability
17 Nuisance
18 The rule in Rylands v Fletcher
19 Breach of statutory duty
Part VI. Interests in Reputation: Defamation
20 Defamation: foundational principles
21 Defences and remedies in defamation
Part VII. Privacy
22 Privacy actions in tort
Part VIII. Misuse of Process and Public Powers
23 Misuse of process and public powers
Part IX. Parties and Remedies
24 Vicarious liability
25 Capacity and parties
26 Remedies

About the author: 

Christian Witting is Professor of Private Law at Queen Mary University of London and is a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of Australia. He is also co-chair of the University of London LLM Exam Board and previously held chairs in law at Durham and Exeter. Professor Witting's books and papers have been cited in the United Kingdom Supreme Court/House of Lords, Supreme Court of Canada, Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa, High Court of Australia, Federal Court of Australia, Singapore Court of Appeal, New Zealand High Court, and other appellate courts.

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