Administrative Law (4th edition)

Timothy Endicott
Pub date
May 2018
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Exceptionally clear and incisive, Administrative Law is the essential guide to understanding this challenging area of the law.


Part I: Introduction
1 Administration and the principles of the constitution
2 The rule of law and the rule of judges
3 Convention rights and administrative law
Part II: Process
4 Due process
5 Impartiality and independence
6 Reasons: process and substance
Part III: Substance
7 Discretion and deference
8 Substantive fairness
9 Errors of law and control of fact-finding
Part IV: Litigation
10 How to sue the government: judicial processes and judicial remedies
11 Standing: litigation and the public interest
Part V: Administrative Justice
12 Tribunals
13 Ombudsmen
Part VI: Private Law and Public Authorities
14 Torts
15 Contracts

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