International Human Rights Law (8th edition)

Rhona Smith
Pub date
Dec 2017
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Illustrating the scope of this fascinating and wide-reaching subject to the student, this clear and concise text gives a broad introduction to international human rights law. Coverage includes regional systems of protection, the role of the UN, and a variety of substantive rights. The author skilfully guides students through the complexities of the subject, and then prepares them for further study and research. Key cases and areas of debate are highlighted throughout, and a wealth of references to cases and further readings are provided at the end of each chapter.


1 Introduction
2 Historical background
3 The United Nations
4 The International Bill of Human Rights
5 The United Nations-organizational structure
6 Regional protection of human rights
7 Europe
8 The Americas
9 Africa
10 Monitoring, implementing, and enforcing human rights
11 Substantive rights-general comments
12 Equality and non-discrimination
13 The right to life
14 Freedom from torture
cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment or punishment
15 The right to liberty of person
16 Equality before the law-the right to a fair trial
17 The right to self-determination
18 Freedom of expression
19 The right to work
20 The right to education and human rights education
21 Indigenous peoples' and minority rights
22 Rights for specific vulnerable people
23 Current issues

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