Thompson's Modern Land Law (6th edition)

Martin George; Mark Thompson
Pub date
Aug 2017
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Doctrinal and critical, Thompson's Modern Land Law looks at the core areas of this subject area through a theoretical lens. The authors excel at explaining difficult rules and concepts clearly but without oversimplification, guiding students around the common pitfalls in areas where there is typically misunderstanding or confusion. Straightforward accounts of the law are underpinned by insightful author commentary on areas of debate, exposing students to critical reasoning. Examples of the context in which land law operates helps students to understand abstract topics and encourages them to appreciate the social importance of this subject.


1 The scope of the subject
2 Tenure and estates
3 Law, equity and human rights
4 The 1925 legislation
5 Registration of title
6 The transfer of freehold land
7 Adverse possession
8 Consecutive and concurrent interests in land
9 Co-ownership 1: acquisition of interests in the home
10 Co-ownership 2: the legal framework of co-ownership
11 Leasehold estates
12 Mortgages
13 Easements
14 Covenants between freeholders
15 Licences and proprietary estoppel

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