Lawyers' Skills (21st edition)

Mrs Caroline Maughan; Mike Maughan; Marcus Keppel-Palmer; Andrew Boon; Julian Webb
Pub date
Jun 2017
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Lawyers' Skills helps students develop the legal skills required for successful practice in the modern solicitor's firm. The book equips students with a solid understanding of the theory and concepts underpinning the key skills areas of legal writing and drafting, interviewing and advising, practical legal research, and advocacy. Guidance is also provided on a range of other professional skills which should be mastered before going into practice, including effective time management, negotiation, and email etiquette. The inclusion of realistic examples from practice, tasks, and reflective exercises emphasizes the interactive nature of skills as a subject and encourages students to develop, practise, and refine their legal skills. Chapter summaries, diagrams, and self-test questions are also featured througout and provide additional learning support to students. The text is essential reading for all LPC students and is also a useful source of reference for newly-qualified practitioners.


1 Introduction
2 Interviewing and advising
3 Legal writing
4 Drafting legal documents
5 Legal research
6 Practical problem-solving
7 Negotiation
8 Advocacy and the solicitor
9 Managing your workload
10 Continuing your learning

About the author: 

Julian Webb is Professor of Law at the University of Melbourne ; Caroline Maughan is a former Visiting Fellow in Law at the University of the West of England ; Mike Maughan is a former Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Gloucestershire Business School ; Marcus Keppel-Palmer is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of the West of England ; Andy Boon is Professor in Law at the City Law School, City, University of London

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