Criminal Law (14th edition)

Michael J. Allen
Pub date
May 2017
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Criminal Law, now in its fourteenth edition, has been providing students with a readable and reliable introduction to this fascinating subject for over twenty-five years. This thorough text enables readers to feel confident in their knowledge of the law, while its concise approach ensures that they are not overwhelmed. The author's lively writing style and thought-provoking commentary on judicial and legal decisions means that the text is entertaining as well as accurate. New to this edition is an expanded introductory chapter offering students an in-depth contextual understanding of the principles underpinning the law and the social context in which they function. New end-of-chapter 'The law in context' features expand on this initial investigation offering students further contextual insights into the law under discussion. The text includes other helpful features, including, highlighted case fact summaries, questions, examples, and key points. These features ensure that the information provided is broken down and easy to comprehend. Further reading sections provide students with a carefully selected starting point for further research. In short, any student studying criminal law for the first time should not be without this book. Online Resource Centre www.oxfordtextbooks.co.uk/orc/allen14e/ This text is accompanied by a selection of online resources to support and further student learning, including - * Multiple choice questions * Legal updates * An additional chapter on Misuse of Drugs Act Offences


1 Introduction
2 Actus reus
3 Mens rea
4 Negligence and strict liability
5 Capacity and incapacitating conditions
6 General defences
7 Parties to crime
8 Inchoate offences
9 Homicide
10 Non-fatal offences against the person
11 Sexual offences
12 Offences under the Theft Acts 1968 and 1978
theft and related offences
13 Fraud
14 Further offences under the Theft Acts
15 Criminal damage

About the author: 

Michael J. Allen is a former Commissioner at the Criminal Cases Review Commission and prior to that was Professor of Law at Newcastle Law School.

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