Kidner's Casebook on Torts (14th edition)

Kirsty Horsey; Erika Rackley
Pub date
Jul 2017
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Kidner's Casebook on Torts is the essential companion for undergraduate tort law students, providing a comprehensive portable library of leading cases in the field. Kirsty Horsey and Ericka Rackley, authors of the best-selling tort law textbook, combine their talents again to update Kidner's popular casebook; bringing together an impressive range of carefully edited extracts and combining insightful commentary with questions and annotated cases to help your students identify and analyse the key elements of each case. The text is supported by online resources which provide a comprehensive suite of resources, including downloadable annotated cases, flashcard glossary, and web links and video clips of current items.


1 Introduction

Part I. The Tort of Negligence
2 Duty of care: basic principles
3 Special duty problems: omissions and acts of third parties
4 Special duty problems: psychiatric harm
5 Special duty problems: public bodies
6 Special duty problems: economic loss
7 Breach of duty: the standard of care
8 Causation and remoteness of damage
9 Defences to negligence

Part II. Special Liability Regimes
10 Occupiers' liability
11 Product liability
12 Breach of statutory duty

Part III. The Personal Torts
13 Intentional interferences with the person
14 Invasion of privacy
15 Defamation
Part IV. The Land Torts
16 Trespass to land and nuisance
17 Actions under the rule in Rylands v Fletcher

Part V. Liability, Damages and Limitations
18 Vicarious liability
19 Damages for death and personal injuries

About the author: 

Kirsty Horsey is Senior Lecturer in Law at Kent Law School, teaching contract and tort law to undergraduate students across all years. Her research interests lie in the overlap of medical and family law, particularly in the area of assisted reproduction, and in public bodies' liability for negligence.; Erika Rackley is a Professor of Law at the University of Birmingham. Her research interests are broadly in the field of feminism, gender and law, particularly in relation to judicial diversity and the legal regulation of pornography. Her research has shaped and informed policy and public debate and has been discussed by the UK and Scottish governments, in The Guardian, and on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour and Law in Action.

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