Social Work with Latinos: A Cultural Assets Paradigm

Melvin Delgado
Pub date
Jul 2013
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The booming Latino population is changing the face of the United States, driving the need for innovative, culturally competent social and mental health services tailored to this diverse community. The first authoritative book of its kind, Social Work with Latinos outlines a solid framework for understanding and helping Latino clients. Unlike any other textbook, this practical guide focuses on cultural assets, illustrating how helping professionals can draw on the strengths and unique characteristics of the community when designing programs and interventions. Beginning with a thorough demographic profile of Latinos in the United States today, Melvin Delgado introduces students to key issues that they must grasp as social workers if they are to provide effective interventions to increasingly heterogeneous group. He grounds the Latino experience within a broad social, economic, and political context, equipping students to appreciate and amplify their clients' personal and cultural strengths and values. One of the book's central elements is Delgado's clear six-stage guide to social work practice with Latinos, which draws on a variety of principles, strategies, and techniques to inform best practices. With its strong emphasis on critical thinking and evidence-based practice, and a vivid presentation of the multifaceted Latino community, this much-needed guide is an outstanding resource for students and professionals alike.


Chapter 1: Context Grounding
Chapter 2: Demographic Profile, Trends, & Commentary
Chapter 3: Health, Social & Educational Needs Profile
Chapter 4: Best Practices with Latinos
Chapter 5: Access Challenges to Service Delivery
Chapter 6: Latino Cultural Values & Beliefs
Chapter 7: A Cultural Assets Paradigm: A Conceptual Foundation
Chapter 8: A Cultural Assets Paradigm: Practice Applications
Chapter 9: Epilogue

About the author: 

Melvin Delgado, Ph.D., is Professor and Chair of Macro Practice at Boston University School of Social Work. Dr. Delgado has devoted his professional life to working in and researching undervalued communities in the United States, with particular focus on Latinos and community asset paradigms.

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