Criminology (6th edition)

Stephen Jones
Pub date
Apr 2017
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The new sixth edition of Criminology provides students with a comprehensive analysis of the major criminological theories. Drawing on a wide range of research in order to consider both sociological and psychological explanations of criminal behaviour, Jones poses the important questions, inviting readers to critically engage with the subject. Thoroughly referenced and written in a clear and accessible style, this book provides the firm foundation of knowledge that students need to develop a strong and secure understanding of criminological theory.


Introduction - Criminology: its origins and research methods
Part I: Crime and Crime Control: Alternative Discourses
1: Crime: definitions and conflicting images
2: The statistics on crime and their meaning
3: The media and 'Law and order'
Part II: Sociological Explanations of Crime
4: The classical and positivist traditions
5: Crime and the environment
6: Poverty, anomie and strain
7: Subcultural theories
8: Interactionism and phenomenology
9: Conflict, Marxist and radical theories of crime
10: Realist criminology and victims
11: Theories of control
12: Gender and crime
PART III: Biological and Psychological Aspects of Crime
13: Biological factors and crime
14: Intelligence, mental disorder and crime
15: Personality theories
16: Violent, aggressive and sexual offences

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