Conference Skills (18th edition)

The City Law School
Pub date
Aug 2016
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Covering all aspects of the client interview, Conference Skills is designed to help trainee barristers develop the key written, interpersonal, and case-work skills required to conduct successful client conferences. Special attention is devoted to skills of questioning, listening, and advising, to ensure the trainee barrister is well equipped to maximize a client conference in terms of gathering information and giving advice. Featuring numerous how-to-do-it guides, worked examples, and realistic case documentation, the manual offers practical step-by-step guidance so that the trainee barrister can approach any client conference with confidence.


1 Introduction and overview
2 General principles
3 The client
4 Meeting the client - conducting the conference
5 Case preparation
6 Questioning techniques
7 Advice
8 Concluding the conference
9 Specific ethical problems
10 Specific client needs
11 Cross-cultural communication
12 How to judge an effective conference
13 Practitioners' perspective
14 Sample exercise
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About the author: 

This manual is edited by Marcus Soanes, Barrister, Principal Lecturer, The City Law School

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