The Law of Trusts (10th edition)

James Penner
Pub date
Jun 2016
Core Texts Series
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The Core Text Series takes the reader straight to the heart of the subject, providing a reliable and invaluable guide for students of law at all levels. Written by leading academics and renowned for their clarity, these concise texts explain the intellectual challenges of each area of the law. The Law of Trusts provides a concise, yet academically rigorous, textbook that skillfully engages with both controversial and complex issues within the subject. James Penner provides perceptive analysis and original and thought-provoking commentary to give students an excellent grounding in what is considered to be a challenging subject. Drawing on a variety of learning features, including summaries of key issues discussed in each chapter, must-read cases, assessment questions, and carefully selected further reading, this approachable and thorough textbook equips students with the tools they need to engage critically with the subject.


1 The historical origins of the trust
2 The nature of the express trust
3 Express trusts: trusts and powers
4 Constructive trusts
5 Resulting trusts
6 Formalities and secret trusts
7 Certainty
8 The constitution of trusts
9 Trusts and purposes
10 The trust up and running
11 Breach of trust
12 The law governing fiduciaries
13 Charitable trusts

About the author: 

James Penner is Professor of Law, National University of Singapore, and Barrister of Lincoln's Inn. He completed his first degree in genetics (BSc UWO) before continuing his academic studies in law and legal philosophy (LLB Toronto, DPhil Oxon). He has a strong reputation in this field and has taught trusts in the UK, Canada, the Bahamas, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

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