John Henry Newman: A Biography

Ian Ker
Pub date
Sep 2010
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This full-length life of John Henry Newman is the first comprehensive biography of both the man and the thinker and writer. It draws extensively on material from Newman's letters and papers. Newman's character is revealed in its complexity and contrasts: the legendary sadness and sensitivity are placed in their proper perspective by being set against his no less striking qualities of exuberance, humour, and toughness. This book attempts to do justice to the fullness of Newman's achievement and genius: the Victorian 'prophet' or 'sage', who ranks among the major English prose writers; the dominating religious figure of the nineteenth century, who can now be recognised as the forerunner of the Second Vatican Council and the modern ecumenical movement; and finally, the universal Christian thinker, whose significance transcends his culture and time.


1. Oxford
2. The Movement
3. The Via Media
4. Doubts
5. Crisis
6. Development
7. From Oxford to Rome
8. Controversy and Satire
9. The Idea of a University
10. The Catholic University of Ireland
11. Oratory and University
12. The Idea and the Laity
13. The Years of Silence
14. Apologia
15. Return to Oxford?
16. The Justification of Religious Belief
17. Papal Infallibility
18. Oxford and Rome Again

About the author: 

Ian Ker, Senior Research Fellow, St Benet's Hall, Oxford

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