The Oxford Encyclopedia of Environmental Economics: 2-Volume Set

ISBN : 9780190631918

James R. Kahn
1400 ページ
178 x 254 mm
  • A broad treatment of environmental and resource economics
  • Authors are experts in environmental and natural resource economics
  • Interdisciplinary coverage

This Oxford Encyclopedia of Environmental Economics focuses on the most important research topics in environmental and natural resource economics, with a treatment of close to 100 different research areas. Each chapter offers a critical analysis of key contributions to the field. The contributions, authored by experts from institutions around the world, are useful for informing policy as well as future research.
The chapters will prove a vital point of demarcation for researchers and practitioners. It will be a good foundation for researchers who want to extend the frontiers of the state of the art in a given area of research, as well as those who want to base their empirical work on the best possible theoretical pillars. Practitioners can more effectively develop policy, as they see the documentation of cause and effect relationships in the appropriate chapters. The chapters are an ideal starting point for Ph.D. students developing thesis topics.
Professors will want to assign chapters in the encyclopedia to undergraduate and graduates students in classes in environmental economics, natural resource economics, fishery economics, forest economics, economic development, health economics and sustainability. Students will find the chapters useful as a starting point for writing research papers in these classes.


Environmental Valuation
The Life Satisfaction Approach to Environmental Valuation
Christopher L. Ambrey, Christopher M. Fleming

Benefit Transfer for Ecosystem Services
Kevin J. Boyle, Christopher F. Parmeter

Use of Property Values and Location Decisions for Environmental Valuation
Lala Ma

State of the Art of Contingent Valuation
Timothy C. Haab, Lynne Y. Lewis, John C. Whitehead

State of the Art of Hedonic Pricing
Dennis Guignet, Jonathan Lee

Environmental Accounting
Jean-Louis Weber

The Neoclassical Decision-Making Paradigm and Environmental Valuation: An Environmental Ethics Perspective
Gregory Cooper

Deliberative Monetary Valuation
Bartosz Bartkowski, Nele Lienhoop

Evaluation of Environmental Policy with Q-Methodology
Jon C. Lovett, Aseel A. Takshe, Fatma Kamkar

How do Attitudes and Perceptions Affect Environmental Preferences?
Andy Sungnok Choi
Valuation of Mangrove Restoration
Edward B. Barbier

Valuation of Marine Ecosystems
Achilleas Vassilopoulos, Phoebe Koundouri

Valuation of Beach Quality
Ashley Barfield, Craig E. Landry

Valuation of Rainforest Preservation in the Amazon
Jon Strand

Valuation of Biodiversity
Bartosz Bartkowski

Valuation of Wetlands Preservation
Alexandra Dehnhardt, Kati Häfner, Anna-Marie Blankenbach, Jürgen Meyerhoff

The Value of the Environment in Recreation
Gianluca Grilli

Valuation of Species Preservation
Robert P. Berrens, Therese Grijalva

Environmental Accounting and the Management Challenge
Roger L. Burritt, Stefan Schaltegger, Katherine L. Christ

Economics of Environmental Regulation
Pollution and Waste

Environmental Regulations in China
Haitao Yin, Xuemei Zhang, Feng Wang

Payments versus Direct Controls for Environmental Externalities in Agriculture
Alfons Weersink, David Pannell

Economics of Hazardous Waste Management
Hilary Sigman

Economics of Waste Minimization, Recycling, and Disposal
Rawshan Ara Begum, Sofia Ehsan

Containing Carbon Through Cap-and-Tradeor a Per-Unit Tax
John A. Sorrentino

Performance Bonding for Environmental Protection
Olli-Pekka Kuusela

Economics of Environmental Compliance and Enforcement
Wayne Gray, Ronald Shadbegian

Carbon Taxes
Jorge H. García, Thomas Sterner
Environmental Resources
National Parks in Developed Countries
Leslie Richardson, Bruce Peacock

Economics of Invasive Species
Mark Eiswerth, Chad Lawley, Michael H. Taylor

Payments for Ecosystem Services: Program Design and Participation
Natasha James, Erin Sills

The Economics of Marine Reserves
Venetia Alexa Hargreaves-Allen

Economics of the Law of the Sea
Till Markus, Gerd Markus

Economics of the Biodiversity Convention
Joanne C. Burgess

Economics and the Endangered Species Act
Joe Kerkvliet

The Economics of Marine Plastic Pollution
Clemens W. Gattringer
Impacts on Risk and Human Health
Risk Perception and Its Impacts on Risk Governance
Ortwin Renn, Andreas Klinke, Pia-Johanna Schweizer, Ferdiana Hoti

Environmental Degradation, Tropical Diseases, and Economic Development
John Luke Gallup

Economic Value of Reducing Exposure to Environmental Health Risks
W. Kip Viscusi, Rachel Dalafave

Exploring Air Pollution and COVID-19 Linkages in South Asia
Muthukumara Mani, Takahiro Yamada

Environmental Degradation: Estimating the Health Effects of Ambient PM2.5 Air Pollution in Developing Countries
Ernesto Sánchez-Triana, Bjorn Larsen, Santiago Enriquez, Andreia Costa Santos

Effects of Meteorological and Air Pollutant Factors on the Deaths of COVID-19 in Chinese Cities: A Spatial Panel Data Analysis
Faysal Mansouri, Zouheir Mighri

Economics of Insurance Against Natural Disaster Risks
W. J. Wouter Botzen
Natural Resources, Ecosystems, and the Environment

The Economics of Oil Spills
Maria L. Loureiro, Maria Alló

Economic, Social, and Environmental Costs of the Waste-to-Energy Industry
Jinbo Song, Lulu Jin, Chen Qian, Yan Sun

Economics of Solar Power
Christine L. Crago

Environmental Economics and Uncertainty: Review and a Machine Learning Outlook
Ruda Zhang, Patrick Wingo, Rodrigo Duran, Kelly Rose, Jennifer Bauer, Roger Ghanem

Economics of Renewable Energy: A Comparison of Electricity Production Costs Across Technologies
Govinda R. Timilsina, Kalim U. Shah

The Economics of Watershed Management
Brent M. Haddad

Economics of Water Scarcity in China
Yong Jiang

Economics of Water Security in India: Need for Strengthening Natural Capital
V. Ratna Reddy

Water Supply, Sanitation and the Environment
N. Vijay Jagannathan

The Economic and Health-Impacts of Inadequate Sanitation
Luis Andrés, George Joseph, Suneira Rana

Ecological Resources

Temperate Forest Economics
Roger Sedjo

The Economics of Tropical Rainforest Preservation
Carlos Eduardo Frickmann Young

Economics of Reforestation and Afforestation
Daowei Zhang

How to Make Individual Transferable Quotas Work Economically, Socially, and Environmentally
Rashid Sumaila

Deforestation: Drivers, Implications, and Policy Responses
Christiane W. Runyan, Jeff Stehm

Interface Urban Forest Management in an Urbanizing Landscape
Maria A. Cunha-e-Sá, Sofia F. Franco

Bio-Economic Models
Ihtiyor Bobojonov

Economics of Ecological Restoration
Md Sayed Iftekhar, Maksym Polyakov

Economic Issues Related to Asian Deforestation
Stefanie Onder, James T. Erbaugh, Georgia Christina Kosmidou-Bradley

Economics of Fisheries Conflicts
Ragnar Arnason

Environmental Economics of Pollination
Antoine Champetier

Environmental Economics Across the Globe

Economics and the Environment in Developing Countries
How Environmental Degradation Impoverishes the Poor
Edward B. Barbier

Environmental Regulations in India
Rama Mohana R Turaga, Anish Sugathan

Environmental Regulations in Mexico
María E. Ibarrarán, Jerónimo Chavarría

The Emerging Environmental Economic Implications of the Urban Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus: Water Reclamation with Resource Recovery in China, India and Europe Daphne Gondhalekar, Hong-Ying Hu, Zhuo Chen, Shresth Tayal, Maksud Bekchanov, Johannes Sauer, Maria Vrachioli, Mohammed Al-Azzawi, Hannah Patalong, Hans-Dietrich Uhl, Martin Grambow, Jörg E. Drewes

Industrial Policy as Environmental Policy: Forest Preservation and the Industrialization of Manaus
Alexandre A.F. Rivas, James R. Kahn

Economics of the Global Commons

Global and Regional Economic Damages from Climate Change
Anil Markandya, Elena Paglialunga, Valeria Costantini, Giorgia Sforna

Economics of Low Carbon Agriculture
Dominic Moran, Jorie Knook

Economic Instruments to Control Greenhouse Gas Emissions: REDD+
Rawshan Ara Begum

Economic Causes and Consequences of Desertification
Luca Salvati

Sea Level Rise and Coastal Management
James B. London

Economics of Climate Change Adaptation
Babatunde O. Abidoye

Macroeconomics and the Environment

The Environmental Kuznets Curve
David I. Stern

The Impacts of Environmental Regulation on the U.S. Economy
Ann E. Ferris, Richard Garbaccio, Alex Marten, Ann Wolverton

Macroeconomics and the Environment
Partha Sen

Economics of the Genuine Progress Indicator
Junior Ruiz Garcia

Input-Output Models Applied to Environmental Analysis
Joaquim J.M. Guilhoto


A M?ori Approach to Environmental Economics: Te ao t?roa, te ao hurihuri, te ao m?rama-the Old World, a Changing World, a World of Light
Matthew Rout, Shaun Awatere, Jason Paul Mika, John Reid, Matthew Roskruge

The Role of Tourism in Sustainable Development
Robert B. Richardson

Environmental Economics and the Anthropocene
V. Kerry Smith

Economics of Campus Sustainability
Kimberly S. Hodge, Jane Stewart, Lilly Grella

A New Economics to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals
Marcello Hernández-Blanco, Robert Costanza


James R. Kahn received his PhD in economics from the University of Maryland. In the 1980s, he worked in the Economics Department at SUNY-Binghamton (now known as Binghamton University). In the following decade, he had a joint appointment at the University of Tennessee and the Oak Ridge National Lab. Since 2000, Kahn has been the John Hendon Professor of Economics at Washington and Lee University, and served as the Director of the Environmental Studies Program from 2000 to 2017. He has been a collaborating professor at the Federal University of Amazonas (Manaus, Brazil) since 1992. 
Professor Kahn is highly published and widely cited. His research has been funded by several agencies, including: the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the US Department of Education, the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico - CNPq (Brazil), and the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Amazonas - FAPEAM (Brazil). For his work, Professor Kahn has received several honors and awards. He was elected and served as President of the US Society for Ecological Economics from June 2017 until May 2019, was a Fulbright Scholar to Brazil (2002), received an Outstanding Faculty Award of the State Council on Higher Education in Virginia (2012), and a Chancellor's Award (SUNY System-wide) for Excellence in Teaching (1988). He is currently an editor on the journal Ecological Economics.
Babatunde O. Abidoye
The University of Pretoria and London School of Economics and Political Science

Mohammed Al-Azzawi
Technical University of Munich (TUM)

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University of A Coruña

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Kumamoto University, Japan and National University of Malaysia

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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Utrecht University

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Virginia Tech

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Independent Consultant

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Bayerisches Staatsministerium fur Umwelt und Verbraucherschut

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Trinity College Dublin

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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

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Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) and Technische Universität Berlin

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Independent Consultant

Marcello Hernández-Blanco
Ecological Economics, Independent Consultant

Kimberly S. Hodge
Washington and Lee University

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Belgian Nuclear Research Centre

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Tsinghua University

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Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla

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USDA Forest Service and North Carolina State University

Yong Jiang
IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

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Dalian University of Technology

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World Bank Group

James R. Kahn
Washington and Lee University, Piatam Institute, and the Federal University of Amazonas

Fatma Kamkar
Canadian University Dubai

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Oregon State University

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Memorial University of Newfoundland

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Lincoln University

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Phoebe Koundouri
Athens University of Economics and Business, ATHENA RC, and UN SDSN Europe

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Oregon State University

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University of Georgia

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University of Manitoba

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East Carolina University

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Bates College

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