The Oxford Encyclopedia of Political Decision Making: 2-Volume Set
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Political Decision Making: 2-Volume Set

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Political Decision Making: 2-Volume Set

David P. Redlawsk

This encyclopedia traces the development and future of research on political decision making through an exploration of its central theoretical approaches, methodologies, and substantive topics of perennial interest. The focus is on political decision making as a question of individual psychology: individual preferences, information search, evaluation, and choice. Through peer-reviewed contributions by leading researchers, the encyclopedia provides a general framework for studying political decision making that applies to both everyday citizens and political elites. Under the editorial directorship of David P. Redlawsk and associate editors Cengiz Erisen, Erin Hennes, Zoe Oxley, Darren Schreiber, and Barbara Vis, the Oxford Encyclopedia of Political Decision Making provides the definitive resource of foundational essays on political decision making.


Affective Intelligence and Emotional Dynamics in Voters' Decision Making Processes (Pavlos Vasilopoulos)
Agenda Setting in Political Decision Making (Jonathan Kluser and Marco Radojevic)
Agent-Based Modeling in Political Decision Making (Lin Qiu and Riyang Phang)
Ambivalence in Political Decision Making (Dane Warner and Jason Gainous)
Anger in Political Decision Making (Cengiz Erisen)
Anxiety, Fear, and Political Decision Making (Markus Wagner and Davide Morisi)
Arrow's Theorem (Conal Duddy and Ashley Piggins)
Associative Memory and Political Decision Making (Beth Vonnahme)
Attitudes Toward Women and the Influence of Gender on Political Decision Making (Mary-Kate Lizotte)
Automaticity in Political Decision Making (Efren Perez and Isaac Riddle)
The Availability Heuristic, Political Leaders, and Decision Making (Michael Cohen)
Bayesian Analyses of Political Decision Making (Kumail Wasif and Jeff Gill)
Behavioral Analysis in the Study of Politics: The Conflict Laboratory (Alessandro Del Ponte, Reuben Kline, and John Barry Ryan)
Behavioral Decision Theory (Kazuhisa Takemura)
The Biology of Political Decision Making (Aleksander Ksiazkiewicz and Seyoung Jung)
Bounded Rationality and Cognitive Limits in Political Decision Making (Brooke N. Shannon, Zachary A. McGee, and Bryan D. Jones)
Cognitive Complexity in Political Contexts (Shannon C. Houck, Kathleen J. Huber, Mackenzie Ess, and Morgan L. Proulx)
Competitive Framing in Political Decision Making (Dennis Chong)
Computational Models of Political Decision Making (Sung-youn Kim)
A Constructivist Approach to Online Political Information Processing (Dan Cassino)
Decision Strategies in Politics (Richard R. Lau)
Decision Support Systems (Sean B. Eom)
Deliberative Democracy and Political Decision Making (Jon Green, Jonathon Kingzette, and Michael Neblo)
Direct Democracy and Political Decision Making (Shaun Bowler, Reagan Dobbs, and Stephen Nicholson)
Discussion Networks in Political Decision Making (Ian Shapiro, Steven Richardson, Scott McClurg, and Anand Sokhey)
Dynamic Process Tracing Methods in the Study of Political Decision Making (Philip Chen)
The Economic Voter Decides (Mary Stegmaier, Michael S. Lewis-Beck, and Lincoln Brown)
Electoral Clientelism and Vote Buying (Anand Murugesan)
Emphasis Framing and Political Decision Making (Thomas E. Nelson)
Equivalency Framing in Political Decision Making (Asmus Olsen)
Evolution and Political Decision Making (Anthony C. Lopez)
Expected Utility and Political Decision Making (Jona Linde)
Fast and Frugal Heuristics (Konstantinos V. Katsikopoulos)
Field Experiments on Political Behavior (Peter John)
Framing and Political Decision Making: An Overview (Zoe Oxley)
Framing Methodology: A Critical Review (Dustin Carnahan, Qi Hao, and Xiaodi Yan)
Gender Stereotyping in Political Decision Making (Nichole M. Bauer)
Genetics and Heritability Research on Political Decision Making (Levente Littvay)
Heuristics and Biases in Political Decision Making (Celine Colombo and Marco R. Steenbergen)
Hindsight Bias in Political Decision Making (Rudiger F. Pohl and Edgar Erdfelder)
How Motivation Influences Political Decision Making (Brian J. Gaines and Benjamin R. Kantack)
Ideology and Values in Political Decision Making (Christopher Weber)
The Influence of Psychological Security Maintenance on Political Decision Making (Joshua Hart)
Information Aggregation in Political Decision Making (Francesco Squintani)
Information Overload: An Introduction (David Bawden and Lyn Robinson)
Intersectional Stereotyping in Political Decision Making (Erin C. Cassese)
Issue Salience and Political Decisions (Philip Moniz and Christopher Wlezien)
Judgment as the Imagination of Futures: Practical Rationality in Decisions on Complex Issues (Michael J. Mazarr)
Laboratory Versus Field Experiments in Political Decision Making Research (Aaron Hoffman)
Leaderless Group Decisions (Seong-Jae Min)
Lexicographic Decision Rule (Ozgur Simsek)
Long- and Short-Term Memory Structure in Political Decision Making (James Jaccard)
Media-Effects Experiments in Political Decision Making (Bryan Gervais)
Moral Emotions in Political Decision Making (Eran Halperin and Noa Schori-Eyal)
Motivated Reasoning and Political Decision Making (Toby Bolsen and Risa Palm)
Nudging in Public Policy (Alice Moseley)
Outcomes of Political Decision Making (Marcus M. Weymiller and Christopher W. Larimer)
Partisan Identity and Political Decision Making (Alexa Bankert)
Partisanship and Political Cognition (Stephen N. Goggin, Stephanie A. Nail, and Alexander G. Theodoridis)
Poliheuristic Theory: A Middle Ground Between Rational and Cognitive Decision Theories (Alex Mintz and J. Tyson Chatagnier)
Political and Psychological Processes in Political Action (Martijn van Zomeren)
Political Neuroscience: Understanding How the Brain Makes Political Decisions (Ingrid J. Haas, Clarisse Warren, and Samantha J. Lauf)
The Politics of Cost-Benefit Analysis (Niek Mouter)
Priming in Political Judgment and Decision Making (Chadly Stern)
The Progress and Pitfalls of Using Survey Experiments in Political Science (Diana C. Mutz and Eunji Kim)
Prospect Theory and Political Decision Making (Ferdinand M. Vieider and Barbara Vis)
Prospect Theory, Loss Aversion, and Political Behavior (Francesco Passarelli and Alessandro Del Ponte)
Psychophysiology in Political Decision Making Research (Matthew V. Hibbing, Melissa N. Baker, and Kathryn A. Herzog)
Q Methodology in Research on Political Decision Making (Steven R. Brown)
Qualitative Comparative Analysis: Discovering Core Combinations of Conditions in Political Decision Making (Benoit Rihoux)
Racial Prejudice, Racial Identity, and Attitudes in Political Decision Making (Ashley Jardina and Spencer Piston)
Racial Stereotyping in Political Decision Making (Ray Block Jr.)
Rational Choice Theory Overview (Scott H. Ainsworth)
The Representativeness Heuristic in Political Decision Making (Sjoerd Stolwijk)
Satisficing in Political Decision Making (Daniel Stevens)
The Search for Real-World Media Effects on Political Decision Making (Thomas J. Leeper)
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Political Decision Making (Ewa A. Golebiowska)
Social Identity in Decisions to Protest (Bert Klandermans and J. van Stekelenburg)
Social Media Lessons on the Nature of Political Decision Making (Douglas R. Pierce)
The Somatic Marker Hypothesis and Political Life (Marco Verweij and Antonio Damasio)
A Somatic Marker Perspective of Political Decision Making (Xavier Noel, Nematolla Jaafari, and Antoine Bechara)
Stereotype Measurement in Political Decision Making (Angela L. Bos, Heather Madonia, and Monica C. Schneider)
Stereotyping and Political Decision Making (Bettina Spencer)
Strategic Voting Versus Sincere Voting (Damien Bol and Tom Verthe)
Studying Political Decision Making With Automatic Text Analysis (Wouter van Atteveldt, Kasper Welbers, and Mariken van der Velden)
The Study of Discrete Emotions in Politics (Cigdem V. Sirin and Jose D. Villalobos)
Sunk Costs and Political Decision Making (Charles A. Miller)
A Survey Researcher's Many Decisions (Ashley Koning)
Using Online Experiments to Study Political Decision Making (Yotam Shmargad and Samara Klar)
Values and Public Opinion (Paul Goren)
Voter Information Processing and Political Decision Making (Alessandro Nai)


David P. Redlawsk is the James R. Soles Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware. He is a former President of the International Society of Political Psychology (2018-2019), where he previously served as a Vice President and Governing Council member. He was a co-editor of the journal Political Psychology from 2010 through 2015. From 2009 to 2016, he was Director of the Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling at Rutgers University. Dr. Redlawsk is author, co-author, or editor of nine books and has published more than 50 articles and book chapters. His research focuses on campaigns, elections, the role of information in voter decision making, and emotional responses to campaign information. He has received several grants to support his research from the National Science Foundation and other agencies, and served on the Board of Overseers for the American National Election Studies from 2009 to 2013.


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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Political Decision Making: 2-Volume Set

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Political Decision Making: 2-Volume Set

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Political Decision Making: 2-Volume Set