Atheism: What Everyone Needs to Know®
Atheism: What Everyone Needs to Know®


  • The first fully comprehensive treatment of the atheism issue, considering the topic historically, philosophically, theologically, sociologically and psychologically.
  • Stresses that atheism is a moral issue and not just a matter of the facts
  • Features a discussion of the meaning of life and whether or not one can be a happy and satisfied atheist
  • Written in an easily accessible style

Over the last decade, "New Atheists" such as Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens have pushed the issue of atheism to the forefront of public discussion. Yet very few of the ensuing debates and discussions have managed to provide a full and objective treatment of the subject.

Atheism: What Everyone Needs to Know provides a balanced look at the topic, considering atheism historically, philosophically, theologically, sociologically and psychologically. Written in an easily accessible style, the book uses a question and answer format to examine the history of atheism, arguments for and against atheism, the relationship between religion and science, and the issue of the meaning of life-and whether or not one can be a happy and satisfied atheist. Above all, the author stresses that the atheism controversy is not just a matter of the facts, but a matter of burning moral concern, both about the stand one should take on the issues and the consequences of one's commitment.


Chapter One: From the Greeks to the Enlightenment
Chapter Two: From the Enlightenment to the Present
Chapter Three: Statistics
Chapter Four: God and Humans
Chapter Five: Belief
Chapter Six: The Matter of Science
Chapter Seven: Questions for the Christian
Chapter Eight: Are there Good Reasons to Believe?
Chapter Nine: Alternative Religions
Chapter Ten: Naturalistic Explanations
Chapter Eleven: Is Religion Evil?
Chapter Twelve: The Meaningful Life


Michael Ruse, Lucyle T. Werkmeister Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Program in the History and Philosophy of Science, Florida State University
Michael Ruse was born in 1940 in England. Raised in a Quaker family, he went to Bootham School in York and then to the University of Bristol, where he majored in mathematics and philosophy. In 1962 he emigrated to Canada and did graduate work at McMaster University in Ontario. He returned to Bristol to do his doctoral degree in philosophy. He taught at the University of Guelph from 1965 to 2000, and then to avoid compulsory retirement moved south to Florida State University. He is the author or editor of over fifty books, the founding editor of Biology and Philosophy, the recipient of four honorary degrees, a Guggenheim Fellow, a Gifford Lecturer, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

"Fully aware of how tedious tracts on either theology or atheism can be, Michael Ruse sets out not to be boring. He succeeds! As a nonbeliever who hesitates to call himself an atheist, he also strives in this book to be balanced and fair to his opponents. I'll let other readers decide whether he succeeds or not, but I can say that even where I disagree with him, I find his book much more informed and compelling than the recent, much less educated New Atheist putdowns of people of faith. Before reading Dennett, Dawkins, Harris or Hitchens, read Michael Ruse."-- John F. Haught, Professor Emeritus of Theology, Georgetown University
"Atheism: What Everyone Needs to Know is an excellent scholarly yet very readable account of an important subject, which reveals its complexity and contradictions along with those of the human mind itself."-- Edward O. Wilson, University Research Professor Emeritus, Harvard University
"... Atheism: What Everyone Needs to Know, is in fact a refreshing contrast to much of the polemics of the New Atheists. Although he [Ruse] too writes for a popular audience with verve, wit, and passion, his discussion is far more informed and intellectually sophisticated. ... Unlike the New Atheists, Ruse insists on a substantial discussion of the meaning and intellectual bases of theism before taking up the case against it." --Commonweal


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Michael Ruse
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What Everyone Needs to Know





Atheism: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Atheism: What Everyone Needs to Know®

Atheism: What Everyone Needs to Know®