Interdisciplinary Barthes

Diana Knight
Proceedings of the British Academy

Roland Barthes (1915-1980) is still considered one of the most significant figures of postwar French thought and remains central to anglophone cultural theory. He is read by academic researchers and students in modern languages, comparative literature, cultural studies, gender studies, media studies, music and visual studies, philosophy and critical theory, as well as attracting more broadly popular interest. This new and very up-to-date collection of essays brings together eighteen well-known specialists of his work - from France, the US, the UK and other European countries - to address the multiple disciplinary strands of his work and the ways he creatively unsettled the boundaries between them.


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Notes on Contributors
1 DIANA KNIGHT: Roland Barthes, An Interdisciplinary Subject
Part I: Myths, History, and Images
2 PHILIPPE ROGER: Barthes's Frenchness
3 JONATHAN CULLER: Barthes's Myths of America
4 STEPHEN BANN: The Intelligible Versus the Real: Barthes's Historiographical Option
5 MARIA O'SULLIVAN: Time and Space: Barthes and the Discourse of History
6 ÉRIC MARTY: Barthes and the Visibility Turn: For a Non-Mimetic Image
7 KATHRIN YACAVONE: Picturing Barthes: The Photographic Construction of Authorship
Part II: Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics
8 MICHAEL MORIARTY: Barthes and Religion
9 LUCY O'MEARA: Barthes and the Lessons of Ancient Philosophy
10 MARIELLE MACÉ: Barthes and 'Subtle Forms of Living'
11 KRIS PINT: 'A Country Free by Default': Barthes and the Atmospheric Experience of Literature
12 FRANÇOIS NOUDELMANN: Barthes and Insignificant Music
13 PATRIZIA LOMBARDO: Barthes and the Emotions
Part III: Writing, Criticism, and the Archive
14 ANTOINE COMPAGNON: Barthes and Commissioned Writing
15 ANDY STAFFORD: Barthes's Menippean Moment: Creative Criticism 1966-70
16 CLAUDE COSTE: From Fichier to OEuvre: Barthess 'Our Literature' project
17 ANNE HERSCHBERG PIERROT: Barthes, the Desire to Write, and the Prevision of the Work
18 TIPHAINE SAMOYAULT: Barthes's Ordinary Writing


Diana Knight is Emeritus Professor of French at the University of Nottingham. Her publications on Barthes include Barthes and Utopia: Space, Travel, Writing (1997) and Critical Essays on Roland Barthes (2000), an edited anthology illustrating Barthes's reception in France, the UK, and the USA from 1953 to 2000. She is also the author of Flaubert's Characters: The Language of Illusion (1985) and Balzac and the Model of Painting: Artist Stories in 'La Comédie humaine' (2007). She is General Editor of Legenda Research Monographs in French Studies and a member of the editorial boards of Paragraph and Nottingham French Studies. She is a Fellow of the British Academy.