The Oxford Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature and Culture: 3-Volume Set

ISBN : 9780190699628

Josephine Lee
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178 x 254 mm
  • The most comprehensive collection on Asian American literature and culture to date, with 101 articles covering an impressive range of cutting-edge research on Asian American literature, theater, performance, visual arts, film, and other media.
  • Designed both for readers new to the field and established scholars, this work will make it easy to access authoritative arguments and comprehensive research in Asian American literary and cultural studies.
  • Illuminates the exciting and profound new directions that currently drive the field of Asian American literary and cultural studies, as well as the solid foundations established by decades of careful research.

In the past four decades the field of Asian American literary and cultural studies has grown enormously, expanding its areas of inquiry beyond the reflections on national identity and citizenship to encompass such issues as transnational and diasporic identities and communities; the workings of imperialism; the intersectionality of race, gender, and sexuality; and social justice/human rights in a global context. This project is the largest and most comprehensive collection of scholarship on Asian American literature and culture to date. With original essays on everything from Asian American literary classics to experimental theater, from K-pop to online gaming, the Oxford Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature and Culture guides both established scholars and readers new to this field through the extensive landscape of Asian American writing and cultural production.
One hundred essays on varied historical periods, geographical locales, and artistic modes offer an extensive examination of racial representation and activism, interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to literary work, ethnic communities, space and place, transnational and transpacific flows, and genres such as speculative fiction, the detective novel, and melodrama. Along with literary works from the late-19th century to the 21st century, the Oxford Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature and Culture covers a wide-ranging selection of Asian American theatre, dance, music, visual arts, film, television, and media. With its illuminating and profound commentary on Asian American writing and artistic practice, the volumes survey the historical foundations of this rich field, showing the exciting and profound new directions that currently drive the study of Asian American literary and cultural traditions.



I. Formations of a Literary Field
1. The Asian American Movement and Critical Practice, Douglas S. Ishii
2. An Asian American Epistemology of Reading: Aiiieeeee! and Ekphrasis, Elda E. Tsou
3. Parody, Pastiche, and Intertextuality in Asian American Novels, Amy C. Tang
4. Building Asian Canadian Literary Studies, Eleanor Ty
5. Hemispheric Approaches to Asian American Literature, Donald C. Goellnicht
6. Narrative Theory and Asian American Literature, Yoon Sun Lee
7. Bilingualism in Asian American Literature, Jeehyun Lim
8. Revisiting Asian American Poetics, Juliana Chang
9. Asian American Literary Reception and Readership, Tamara Bhalla

II. History, Legacy, and Literature
10. The Chinese Exclusion Act and Early Asian American Literature, Ben Railton
11. Early Japanese American Literature, 1815-1900, Andrew Way Leong
12. Strategic Hybridity in Early Chinese and Japanese American Literature, Floyd Cheung
13. Modernism and Asian American Writers, Audrey Wu Clark
14. The Second Sino-Japanese War, World War II, and Asian American Antifascism, Christopher Vials
15. History and Memory: Narrating the Japanese American Incarceration, Christine C. So
16. The Cold War and Asian American Literature, Heidi Kim
17. The Cold War and Asian Canadian Writing, Christine Kim and Christopher Lee
18. The Korean War and Its Literary Legacies, Daniel Y. Kim
19. North Korea in Asian American Literature and Culture, Christine Hong
20. The Vietnam War and Asian American Literature, Josephine Nock-Hee Park
21. The War on Terror and South Asian American Narrative Representation, Anantha Sudhakar

III. Communities and Identities
22. Filipino American Literature, Jeffrey Arellano Cabusao
23. Reading South Asian American Literature, Rajini Srikanth
24. Vietnamese American Literature, Michele Janette
25. Vietnamese Canadian Refugee Aesthetics, Vinh Nguyen
26. Hmong American Literature and Culture, Aline Lo and Kong Pheng Pha
27. Sri Lankan American Literature and Culture, Dinidu Karunanayake
28. Asian North American Adoption Narratives, Jenny Heijun Wills
29. Mixed Race Asian American Literature, Jennifer Ann Ho

IV. Genre and Representation
30. Asians and Asian Americans in Early Science Fiction, John Cheng
31. Asian American Children's Literature, Sarah Park Dahlen
32. Asian American Detective Fiction, Calvin McMillin
33. Asian American Graphic Narrative, Monica Chiu and Jeanette Roan
34. Immigration and Asian American Autobiographical Writing: An Unstraightforward Story, Theresa A. Kulbaga
35. Defining and Exploring Asian American Speculative Fiction, Stephen Hong Sohn
36. Contemporary Voices in Asian American Lyric Poetry, Jennifer Chang

V. Interdisciplinary Interventions
37. Law and Asian American Literary and Cultural Studies, Stewart Chang
38. Human Rights and Asian American Literature and Culture, Crystal Parikh
39. Marxism, Economic Theory, and Asian American Literary Studies, Mark Chiang
40. Object Theory and Asian American Literature, Chad Shomura
41. Biopolitics and Asian America, Belinda Kong
42. The Posthuman Subject in/of Asian American Literature, Michelle N. Huang
43. Eugenics, Reproduction, and Asian American Literature, Asha Nadkarni
44. Food in Asian American Literary and Cultural Studies, Timothy August
45. Asian American and Pacific Islander Sport, Robert T. Hayashi
46. Asian American Ecocriticism, Anita Mannur and Casey Kuhajda
47. Agriculture and Asian American Literature, Sarah D. Wald

VI. Comparative and Intersectional Approaches
48. Settler Colonialism in Asian North American Representation, Iyko Day
49. Comparative African American and Asian American Literary Studies, Julia H. Lee
50. The Intersections of Latina/o and Asian American Literature, Susan Thananopavarn
51. Intersections of Arab American and Asian American Literature, Carol W. N. Fadda
52. Literary and Cultural Representations of Asians in Latin America and the Caribbean, Zelideth María Rivas
53. Queer of Color Critique and Queer Asian North American Women's Literature, Martin Joseph Ponce
54. Queer South Asian Diasporas, Kareem Khubchandani
55. Disability Studies and Asian American Literature, Kristina Chew
56. Illness, Disability, and Wounded Embodiment in Asian American Literature and Culture, James Kyung-Jin Lee

VII. Space and Place
57. The View from Another Shore: An Island-Specific Approach to Literary Criticism, Seri Luangphinith
58. Literary Perspectives on Asian Americans in the Midwest, Thomas Xavier Sarmiento
59. Literary Perspectives on Asian Americans in the South, Frank Cha
60. New Orleans and Asian American Literature/Culture, Marguerite Nguyen
61. The Chinese in West Indian Fiction, Anne-Marie Lee-Loy
62. Incarceration in Contemporary Asian American Literature and Culture, A. J. Yumi Lee
63. Narratives of Intimacy in Asian American Literature, Nicolyn Woodcock

VIII. Transnational, Transpacific, and Global Connections
64. Asian American Diasporic Return Narratives, Patricia P. Chu
65. Archipelagoes and Oceania in Asian American and Pacific Islander Literary Studies, Harrod J. Suarez
66. Transpacific Turns, Tina Chen
67. The Transpacific Subject in Asian American Culture, Erin Suzuki and Aimee Bahng
68. Transpacific Spaces and (East and Southeast) Asian Canadian Literature, Joanne Leow
69. Transpacific Femininities, Denise Cruz
70. Global China in 21st Century Asian American Literature, Sunny Xiang
71. Global South Korea in 21st Century Asian American Literature, Na-Rae Kim
72. Global India in 21st Century Asian American Literature, Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan

IX. Performance
73. Yellowface Performance: Historical and Contemporary Contexts, Josephine Lee
74. Asians and Asian Americans and the Performing Arts Prior to World War II, Krystyn R. Moon
75. Performance Theory and Asian American Literature and Culture, Ju Yon Kim
76. Asian American Theater and Drama from the 1960s to the 1990s, Esther Kim Lee
77. Melodrama and Asian American Performance, Eunha Na
78. Asian American Experimental Theatre and Solo Performance, Dan Bacalzo
79. Asian American Feminist Performance, Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns and Mana Hayakawa
80. Asian American Queer Performance, Vivian L. Huang
81. Transnationalism and Asian American Performance, Elizabeth W. Son
82. Asian Americans in Opera: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, Nancy Yunhwa Rao
83. Asian Americanist Critique and Listening Practices of Contemporary Popular Music, Summer Kim Lee
84. Global South Korea and the K-Pop Phenomenon, Crystal S. Anderson
85. Asian Americans in Hip Hop, Ninochka McTaggart and Oliver Wang
86. Contemporary Asian American Dance, Yutian Wong
87. Sino Caribbean Performance and Music, Tzarina T. Prater
88. Indian Dance in Diaspora: U.S. And Australian Contexts, Priya Srinivasan

X. Visual Arts
89. Asian American Art and Modernism, Tom Wolf (with AU post-review)
90. Contemporary Asian American Art, Laura Kina
91. Filipino/a American Visual Culture, Sarita Echavez See
92. South Asian American Visual Culture and Representation, Bakirathi Mani

XI. Film, Television, and Media
93. Asian Americans in Pre-World War II Cinema, Philippa Gates
94. The Vietnam War in Film, Sylvia Shin Huey Chong
95. Comedy, Humor, and Asian American Representation, Caroline Kyungah Hong
96. Bollywood and Asian American Culture, Jigna Desai
97. Asian Americans on Television, Alison Yeh Chueng and Kent A. Ono
98. Accents and Asian American Representation in Popular Culture, Shilpa S. Davé
99. Korean North Americans in Film and Television, Eun Joo Kim
100. Mixed Race Asian Americans and Contemporary Media and Culture, Leilani Nishime
101. Asian Americans and Digital Games, Christopher B. Patterson


Josephine Lee is a professor of English and Asian American Studies at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and the Editor in Chief of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature and Culture. Her previous books include The Japan of Pure Invention: Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado (2010) and Performing Asian America: Race and Ethnicity on the Contemporary Stage (1997). She has also co-edited Asian American Plays for a New Generation (with R.A. Shiomi and Don Eitel, 2011) and Re/collecting Early Asian America: Essays in Cultural History (with Imogene Lim and Yuko Matsukawa, 2002) as well as the forthcoming Asian American Literature in Transition, Volume I: 1850-1930 (with Julia H. Lee). Her other writing includes essays on modern drama, contemporary performance, and Asian American studies.
Crystal S. Anderson, Longwood University
Timothy K. August, Stony Brook University
Dan Bacalzo, Florida Gulf Coast University
Aimee Bahng, Pomona College
Tamara Bhalla, University of Maryland
Lucy MSP Burns, UCLA
Jeffrey Arellano Cabusao, Bryant University
Frank Cha, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jennifer Chang, George Washington University
Juliana Chang, Santa Clara University
Stewart Chang, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Tina Chen, Pennsylvania State University
John Cheng, Binghamton University
Alison Yeh Cheung, University of Utah
Floyd Cheung, Smith College
Kristina Chew, Rutgers University
Mark Chiang, University of Illinois at Chicago
Monica Chiu, University of New Hampshire
Patricia P. Chu, George Washington University
Audrey Wu Clark, United States Naval Academy
Denise Cruz, Columbia University
Sarah Park Dahlen, St. Catherine University
Shilpa Davé, University of Virginia
Iyko Day, Mount Holyoke College
Jigna Desai, University of Minnesota
Carol W.N. Fadda, Syracuse University
Philippa Gates, Wilfrid Laurier University
Donald C. Goellnicht, McMaster University
Mana Hayakawa, University of California
Robert T. Hayashi, Amherst College
Jennifer Ann Ho, University of Colorado at Boulder
Caroline Kyungah Hong, Queens College
Christine Hong, University of California
Michelle N. Huang, Northwestern University
Vivian L. Huang, Williams College
Sylvia Shin Huey, University of Virginia
Douglas S. Ishii, Emerson College
Michele Janette, Kansas State University
Dinidu Karunanayake, Miami University
Kareem Khubchandani, Tufts University
Christine Kim, Simon Fraser University
Daniel Y. Kim, Brown University
Eun Joo Kim, New York University Shanghai
Heidi Kim, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ju Yon Kim, Harvard University
Na-Rae Kim, University of Connecticut
Laura Kina, DePaul University
Belinda Kong, Bowdoin College
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Theresa A. Kulbaga, Miami University
A.J. Yumi Lee, Villanova University
Christopher Lee, University of British Columbia
Esther Kim Lee, Duke University
James Kyung-Jin Lee, University of California
Josephine Lee, University of Minnesota
Julia H. Lee, University of California
Summer Kim Lee, Dartmouth College
Yoon Sun Lee, Wellesley College
Anne-Marie Lee-Loy, Ryerson University
Andrew Way Leong, University of California Berkeley
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Aline Lo, Allegheny College
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Bakirathi Mani, Swarthmore College
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Calvin McMillin, Independent Scholar
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Eunha Na, Seoul National University
Asha Nadkarni, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Marguerite Nguyen, Wesleyan University
Vinh Nguyen, University of Waterloo
Leilani Nishime, University of Washington
Kent A. Ono, University of Utah
Crystal Parikh, New York University
Josephine Nock-Hee Park, University of Pennsylvania
Christopher B. Patterson, University of British Columbia
Kong Pheng Pha, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Martin Joseph Ponce, The Ohio State University
Tzarina T. Prater, Bentley University
Ben Railton, Fitchburg State University
Nancy Yunhwa Rao, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey
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