A Guide to Clinical Skills for Health Students

Susan Shaw; Wendy Horne; Duncan Reid; Kirk Reed

The learning of clinical skills is an important part of health professional education and often one of the most stressful and confusing elements of the student journey. A Guide to Clinical Skills for Health Students is designed as an interprofessional companion text for students in Aotearoa New Zealand studying across a range of clinical health degrees. The book provides guidelines for clinical skills based on key principles and currently documented practice, and emphasises the need for practitioners to appreciate the key concepts in order to be able to adapt and respond to evolving protocols and situations. It presents supporting information about relevant practice, identifies references to guide further learning, and provides tools for recording clinical learning and professional development.


SECTION 1: Professional Interprofessional Practice
Chapter 1 - Cultural and professional contexts
Chapter 2 - Examples from practice
Chapter 3 - Key language and concepts
Chapter 4 - Practical learning

SECTION 2: Clinical Skills Guidelines
Chapter 5 - Professional practice
Chapter 6 - Infection control and safety
Chapter 7 - Cardiorespiratory and vascular
Chapter 8 - Neurological/sensory and vascular
Chapter 9 - Musculoskeletal
Chapter 10 - Mental and cognitive
Chapter 11 - Integumentary
Chapter 12 - Gastrointestinal
Chapter 13 - Genitourinary
Chapter 14 - Medication administration

Learning records and tools: reflection template
Skills log
record of skills
skills development plans and evaluation
professional competencies
answers to chapter 3 review questions


Susan Shaw is currently Associate Dean (Academic) and a director of the National Centre for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (NCIPECP) within the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.; Wendy Horne is Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social and Health Sciences at Unitec Institute of Technology.; Duncan Reid is Associate Dean (Health) in the Faculty of Health and Environmental Science at AUT and co-leads Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, within the Masters of Health Science programme.; Kirk Reed is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Occupational Science and Therapy at AUT University.