Maths for Economics (4th edition)

ISBN : 9780198704379

Geoff Renshaw
744 ページ
195 x 265 mm

Drawing on his extensive experience teaching in the area, Geoff Renshaw has developed Maths for Economics to enable students to master and apply mathematical principles and methods both in their degrees and their careers. Through the use of a gradual learning gradient and the provision of examples and exercises to constantly reinforce learning, the author has created a resource which students can use to build their confidence - whether coming from a background of a GCSE or A Level course, or more generally for students who feel they need to go back to the very basics. Knowledge is built up in small steps rather than big jumps, and once confident that they have firmly grasped the foundations, the book helps students to make the progression beyond mechanical exercises and on to the development of a maths tool-kit for the analysis of economic and business problems - an invaluable skill for their course and future employment. The Online Resource Centre contains the following resources: For Students: Ask the author forum Excel tutorial Maple tutorial Further exercises Answers to further questions Expanded solutions to progress exercises For Lecturers (password protected): Test exercises Graphs from the book Answers to test exercises PowerPoint presentations Instructor manual


Part One: Foundations
1 Arithmetic
2 Algebra
3 Linear equations
4 Quadratic equations
5 Some further equations and techniques

Part Two: Optimization with one independent variable
6 Derivatives and differentiation
7 Derivatives in action
8 Economic applications of functions and derivatives
9 Elasticity

Part Three: Mathematics of finance and growth
10 Compound growth and present discounted value
11 The exponential function and logarithms
12 Continuous growth and the natural exponential function
13 Derivatives of exponential and logarithmic functions and their applications

Part Four: Optimization with two or more independent variables
14 Functions of two or more independent variables
15 Maximum and minimum values, the total differential, and applications
16 Constrained maximum and minimum values
17 Returns to scale and homogenous functions
partial elasticities
growth accounting
logarithmic scales

Part Five: Some further topics
18 Integration
19 Matrix algebra
20 Difference and differential equations
W21 Extensions and future directions (on the Online Resource Centre)


Geoff Renshaw has retired from teaching and is now an Associate Fellow at Warwick University