Turkey: What Everyone Needs to Know®

ISBN : 9780199733040

Andrew Finkel
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What Everyone Needs to Know



  • Lively writing in an accessible question-and-answer format.
  • Andrew Finkel is a veteran journalist with twenty years of experience writing about Turkey for major news outlets such as The Economist, TIME, and The Times.
  • Turkey is a key strategic and cultural link between the West and the Middle East.

Turkey occupies a strategic position in today's world: culturally, historically, and geographically, it is the link between Islam and Western democracy, between Europe and the Middle East. The only predominantly Muslim nation to be a member of NATO and an ally of Israel, Turkey straddles both Europe and Asia. And it boasts an economy larger than any of the states that have joined the EU in recent years-Istanbul alone has a bigger economy than that of Hungary or the Czech Republic-with pipelines that carry much of the world's oil and gas.
Andrew Finkel has spent twenty years in Turkey writing about the country for a number of leading news media such as The Economist and Time magazine. In this concise book, Finkel unravels Turkey's complexities, setting them against the historical background of the Ottoman Empire, the secular nationalist revolution led by Kemal Ataturk, and repeated political interventions by the military, which sees itself as the guardian of Ataturk's legacy. Finkel reveals a nation full of surprises. Turkey's labyrinthine politics often lead to such unexpected outcomes as leaders of the untra-nationalist party starting on the road to EU membership by voting to scrap the death penalty-which also meant giving a reprieve to the convicted leader of the Kurdish separatist movement. And where else but in Turkey, Finkel writes, would secularist liberals have supported a prime minister who was once jailed for promoting religious extremism?
From the Kurdish question to economic policy, from Turkey's role in Iraq to its quest for EU membership, Finkel illuminates the past and present of this unique, and uniquely consequential, country.


1) People and geography
2) The break with the Ottoman past
3) The post-war era
4) Democracy and civil rights
5) Foreign policy
6) Economy
7) Contemporary politics
8) Islam and nationalism
9) Society and culture
10) Epilogue: Turkey finding its voice


Andrew Finkel is a journalist who has been based in Turkey for twenty years. His reporting has appeared in The Economist, Time, The Daily Telegraph, The Times of London, and CNN.

"a succinct, readable and expert briefing on the modern country." - Michael Kerr, Daily Telegraph

"a valuable introduction to students, travellers and whoever rightly thinks Turkey a fascinating story." - Gilles Dorronsoro, International Affairs

"There are only a few people in Turkey who can combine the critical eye of the outsider with the compassion of the insider. Finkel is one of them." -- Joost Lagendijk, former joint chairman of the Turkey-EU Parliamentarians delegation and Senior Advisor at the Istanbul Policy Center of Sabanci University