Teacher Materials

Teacher Materials for ELT Coursebooks

  • Young Learners
    • Let's Go: 4th Edition

      Asia's best-selling English course for children. Increase children's chances to speak in class through dialogues, pair work and communicative games. Acclaimed songs by Carolyn Graham make the language memorable. 7 levels.


      Teacher's Book with Test Center Pack / Class Audio CDs / Teacher Cards

      Everybody Up: 2nd Edition

      Gets students talking about the real world. Posters, videos, stories, and songs link English to other school subjects and universal values, developing global citizens with 21st century skills. 7 levels.


      Teacher's Book Pack with DVD, Online Practice and Teacher's Resource Center CD-ROM / Class Audio CDs / Picture Cards

      Oxford Discover

      Develops the communication skills and thinking skills students need for success in the 21st century using an inquiry-based approach to learning. 6 levels.


      Teacher's Book with Online Practice / Class CDs

  • Junior / Senior High School
    • My First Passport: 2nd Edition

      A coursebook focusing on communicative skills designed for Japanese secondary schools. Includes easy-to-teach solutions for preparing students to go on a homestay overseas and to welcome visitors to Japan. 2 levels.


      Teacher's Book with CD-ROM

      Get Ahead

      Designed for Japanese learners. Combines a focus on grammar and vocabulary with a structured approach to learning functional language for successful communication. 3 levels.


      Teacher's Guide with Resource Disk / Class CD

  • Senior High School / College / Adult
    • Passport: 2nd Edition

      A communication coursebook written exclusively for Japanese students. Helps students learn practical English expressions through the situation of travelling abroad. 2 levels.


      Teacher's Book with CD-ROM

      Smart Choice: 3rd Edition

      Four-skills course for adult and young adult learners looking to improve their ability to communicate in English. Activities, games and videos for smartphones and tablets keep students learning on the move. 4 levels.


      Teacher's Book with Access to LMS and Testing Program

      Speak Now

      A four-level speaking course which develops students' communication skills both in and out of the classroom. Build confidence communicating with topical, friendly and fun content. 4 levels.


      Teacher's Book with Testing CD-ROM and Online Practice / Class Audio CDs


      Provides a comprehensive support system and a unique 6 skills (4 skills plus presenting and viewing skills) approach to help students meet their personal, academic and professional goals. 4 levels.


      Teacher's Book with Online Classroom Presentation Tool Access Code / Class Audio CDs

      American Headway: 3rd Edition

      One of the world's most trusted adult English courses based on proven methodology developed by award-winning authors. Combines a well-balanced syllabus with more conversation, assessment and digital teaching and learning resources. 6 levels.


      Teacher's Book / Class Audio CDs

  • Skills
    • Select Readings: 2nd Edition

      This American English reading course uses carefully selected passages chosen by teachers to help students read effectively. Exercises before and after reading practice reading skills, check comprehension and build vocabulary. 4 levels.


      Class Audio CD

      Q: Skills for Success: 2nd Edition - Listening and Speaking

      Focusing on improving listening and speaking skills, this course helps students to think critically and succeed academically. 6 levels.


      Class Audio CDs / Teacher iQ Online Access Card

      Q: Skills for Success: 2nd Edition - Reading and Writing

      Focusing on improving reading and writing skills, this course helps students to think critically and succeed academically. 6 levels.


      Class Audio CDs / Teacher iQ Online Access Card

  • Business / ESP
    • Business Venture: 3rd Edition

      A short, up-to-date course for low level in-work and pre-work business students who need to communicate confidently across cultures and countries. 3 levels.


      Teacher's Guide

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