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Frequently Asked Questions:General Information

General Information

How do I use your site?

You may browse the site without registering, but in order to buy the first time you will need to Register.

You can find products either by searching or browsing. To use simple search, enter a search term in the search box that you see throughout the site. Advanced search is available from a link below the search box. To browse, use the left-hand subject menu.

How accessible is your website?

Oxford University Press aims to make its websites accessible to the widest possible audience. We try to be standards compliant and follow the general principles of usability and universal design. These principles include:

  • using cascading style sheets (CSS) to control page layout and to keep the content clean;
  • supplying alternate text for images;
  • applying HTML tags appropriately;

We are not always able to live up to these ideals everywhere on our site, and are sometimes limited by the software we use. We are, however, engaged in a continuous process of improvement, and welcome your feedback. If you have difficulty using our site, do please let us know.


Outage of Services

We may interrupt service from time to time in order to carry out maintenance work. We post the scheduled for outages in advance.

There may be unexpected outages due to failure of equipment, software or programs. In such a case, you may experience unexpected inconvenience. We will work to resolve the issue and explain you the causes as soon as our system is restored.

How up-to-date is the information in your catalogue?

We are committed to keep the information on our website updated. Stock levels are updated regularly.

We make no warranties or representations of any kind concerning the accuracy or suitability of the information contained on the website. We are, however, engaged in a continuous process of improvement, and welcome your feedback. If you have difficulty using our site, do please let us know.

Can I see sample pages?

Yes, you can now see sample pages of many of our titles, and we are adding more all the time. When you land on the product page of one of these titles you will see a link to the sample pages.

Online materials for teachers and students

Online Resource Centres are developed by Oxford University Press (UK) and its authors to provide students and teachers with ready-to-use teaching and learning resources. The resources in each centre are developed to complement the related textbook and vary from site to site.


Resources for teachers, children, and parents

Resources for teachers are available on the following websites:

Resources for parents are available on the following websites:

Materials for libraries

Online resources and information for both libraries and library suppliers are available on the following website:

Materials for booksellers

Online resources and information for retailers and wholessalers are available in Japanese.

Can I copy or reuse material from your website?

All materials on this web site are the copyright of Oxford or are reproduced with permission from other copyright owners. All rights are reserved. The materials on this web site may be retrieved and downloaded solely for personal use. No materials may otherwise be copied, modified, published, broadcast, or otherwise distributed without the prior written permission of Oxford.

Oxford University Press, Oxford and/or any other names of products or services provided by Oxford and referred to on this web site are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Oxford.

Information on obtaining permission to reproduce or translate OUP's copyright material can be found here:


Rights & Permissions
Academic, Professional, & General

At OUP, we have a very active licensing strategy across the range of academic content – both books and journals that is published here.

Global Business Development and Rights Department - Translations, Reprints, Permissions and Digital Licensing:

For academic monographs, books, and journals on music, please contact Academic Rights, as above.

Children's & Educational
The Children's and Educational Rights Department looks after subsidiary rights for all of Oxford's Children's and Educational titles covering our trade and schoolbooks lists, including translations, reprints, dictionary licensing, permissions and film & TV rights. Find out more about Children's and Educational Rights:
English Language Teaching

Please contact the English Language Teaching (ELT) Rights Department at eltrights.uk@oup.com if you would like to license any ELT material.

If your query relates specifically to electronic licensing of ELT dictionaries, please contact our Dictionary Licensing department.


At OUP, we offer a comprehensive rights and permissions service for the journals that we publish.

More information about permissions, translations and general licensing of the journal content.

Oxford University Press publishes a large and diverse catalogue of concert, church, and educational music in all genres. We are the UK market leader in choral music, and our catalogue also includes orchestral and chamber music, operas and ballets, instrumental teaching materials and anthologies, carols, hymns, and hymn books, and educational resources for music teachers and choir trainers. We actively license our rights in print, and for performance, recording, film, and broadcast. Find out more about Music Rights. http://global.oup.com/uk/music/musicrights/
How do I request a print catalogue?

Please email us at the addresses below:

ELT(English Language Teaching), UK Textbooks and Children’s Books catalogue: elt.japan@oup.com
Academic, Professional and General catalogue: ag.japan@oup.com

Whom do I contact to eliminate duplicate catalogs or to receive catalogs at a new address, etc.?

We appreciate your cooperation in supplying us with up-to-date information about your teaching needs so that we only send materials that are relevant to you. Please contact us at elt.japan@oup.com to update your contact information or to remove your name from our mailing list.

I know you carry this item, but I couldn't find it on the OUP Japan website. How can I get more information?

Oxford University Press is the world's largest university press, publishing over 4,000 new titles a year. We stock only a portion of our global list here in Japan, but it is possible to get information on most OUP titles through our home site in the UK, http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/ . Please contact us at elt.japan@oup.com with any OUP-related questions that cannot be answered online or for more information on stock availability and ordering non-stock items.

I've heard that you have consultants that can give product presentations and conduct teacher training sessions? How can we get a consultant to visit us?

Our qualified and professional bilingual team of English Language Teaching Consultants is available to advise teachers on the suitability of all Oxford ELT materials as well as to give teacher training seminars and product workshops. Please contact us at elt.japan@oup.com for details.