Oxford Guide to Effective Argument and Critical Thinking

ISBN : 9780199671724

Colin Swatridge
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How do you approach an essay or discussion question? How do you review what claims others have made and offer counter-claims? And how do you weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of your own argument before putting together a persuasive conclusion?
This accessible book takes you step by step through the art of argument, from thinking about what to write and how you might write it, to how you may strengthen your claims, and how to come to a strong conclusion. Engagingly written and featuring useful summaries at the end of each chapter, this new book offers easily transferable practical advice on assessing the arguments of others and putting forward effective arguments of your own. The book's strength lies in its clear guidance and the use of real-life arguments - both contemporary and historical - and real-life essay questions from a variety of disciplines across the humanities and social sciences. These interesting, relevant, and often entertaining, examples are used not to illustrate, but to make essential points about what can be learnt, what techniques can be borrowed, and what pitfalls to avoid in the area of analytical thinking and writing. 
The Oxford Guide to Effective Argument and Critical Thinking is sure to improve the written work of any student required to demonstrate the key skills of critical writing and thinking. It is equally as valuable for professionals needing these skills (e.g. journalists, lawyers, researchers, politicians) as well as for anyone who has a case to put forward and would like to do so convincingly.



1: What do you do when you argue a case?
2: How will you make yourself clear?
3: What case have others made?
4: What do you make of these arguments?
5: How will you support your case
6: How much can you be sure about?
7: How much is a matter of belief?
8: Are you oversimplifying the issue?
9: Does your argument hang together?
10: How will you lay out your case?
A Summary of Recommendations for Effective Argument Made in This Book
Exemplar Arguments
Responses to Questions


Colin Swatridge, AQA A Level Chief Examiner
Dr Colin Swatridge is an A Level Chief Examiner in the UK, a visiting senior lecturer at four universities in Eastern/Central Europe, and he was a tutor for the Open University for 15 years. He has taught critical thinking for some years to Erasmus students from all over Europe.

"brilliantly informative [...] I know of no other book that so clearly sets out the best ways in which to structure an argument, whether by way of a speech, an essay or even a book." - Network Review

"From how to approach an argument, to creating counter-claims and perfecting persuasive conclusions, author Colin Swatridge has the answers." - Lynn News