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How to Write: Successful Essays, Dissertations, and Exams (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199670741

Chris Mounsey
168 ページ
166 x 208 mm
  • helps students plan, research, and write essays, dissertations, and exams by providing step-by-step guidance
  • features charts, examples, handy hints, and pitfalls to avoid
  • includes suggestions on how to exploit digital resources
  • end of chapter summaries provide useful overviews
  • contains a list of FAQs, submitted by real students, directing you straight to the right section in the book
  • separate sections with more in-depth guidance for those students wanting to take their writing to the next level

New to this Edition:

  • a list of FAQs, submitted by real students, that direct you straight to the right section in the book
  • new end of chapter summaries provide useful overviews

This book provides students of all levels with essential and easy-to-follow guidance on how to plan, research, and write essays, dissertations, and exams. Taking you step by step through the process, from understanding a title or choosing your own, planning what to say and how to say it, right through to writing a strong conclusion, this book breaks down the process of essay writing and makes it manageable for everyone. 

It displays information clearly and features charts, diagrams, examples, handy hints, pitfalls to avoid, and separate 'in-depth' chapters specifically for anyone wanting to develop their essay writing skills even further. It also includes advice on setting out footnotes, references, and bibliographies, printing and editing the final draft, presentation, deadlines, time management, and good exam practice.

This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to explain how digital resources can be used to improve your essay technique e.g. how to research efficiently using the internet, how to use your library's electronic catalogue, and how to use electronic referencing systems. The structure of this new edition has been overhauled to make it even easier to find the information you are looking for, as the two parts have been integrated and now include helpful end of chapter summaries to recap the key points. New to this edition is a list of essay 'FAQs', submitted by real students, with answers directing you straight to the sections you need. 

Practical, accessible, and written by an author with extensive teaching experience, this book is a cure for essay panic and essential for students wanting to write a successful essay, whether at school or university.
Eminently clear and readable - The Guardian


1: Introduction
2: Looking at questions
3: Research
4: Structuring the essay
5: Getting words in the right order
6: Presentation
7: Managing your time
8: More about research
9: More about writing
10: Exams, Presentations, and Posters
11: Dissertations and long essays
12: References: Notes and Bibliography


Chris Mounsey, University of Winchester
Dr Chris Mounsey is Professor of English for the Department of English, Creative Writing, and American Studies at the University of Winchester. He has published several books and journal articles, including Queer People: Negotiations and Expressions of Homosexuality 1700-1800 (Associated University Presses, 2007), Christopher Smart: Clown of God (Bucknell University Press, 2001), Presenting Gender: Changing Sex in Early Modern Culture (Bucknell University Press, 2001).